Mr A. Capon

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MR Anthony Capon has died at home. He was 65

Born in Witham Place, Grantham, he was the second son of the late Jack and Doreen Capon. His elder brother John predeceased him and he leaves a sister Denise.

He took an apprenticeship with BMARC and later he worked for various companies including Grantham Electric, American Can, 37 years as site manager Paktronic and as a design engineer.

Mr Capon was a great fan of DIY. He also enjoyed holidays to exotic destinations, mostly India, Antigua and Jamaica.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Dot Capon, Steven Capon, Sarah Capon, Julie Mills, George Crofts, Madeleine Crofts, Chris Mattews, Kathleen Osborne, Wayne Osborne, Peter and Dot Tyler, Degs and Babs Harthen, Catherine Flynn, Carl and Donna Brown, Margaret Capon, Tess Capon and Kim Capon.

Other mourners included: Tony and May Riley, Dave and Lorraine Williams, Barry Growers, Betty Hutchinson, Pauline Baumber, Len and Lilian Rawding, John Wright, Sam Sterry, Kat Sterry, Charlotte Sterry, Leanne Sterry, Amy Sterry, Steve and Ann Roberts, Simon Howitt, Marilyn Ward, Mick Scoffin, Fiona and Sue, Tom Radford, John Ogden, Ann Monk, Grantham CT nurses, Maureen Booth, Heather Long, Mr and Mrs Barsbey, Mrs M. Ellis, Jim Huckerby, Janet Chevalier, Jackie Chevalier, Colin and Nicky Bellamy, Alys Bellamy, Denise Bennett, Mark Bennett, Louise Brown, Kate Mitchell, Barbara Armstrong, Debbie Buttigieg, Mr and Mrs Buttigieg, Stacey Broadley, Natasha Smith, Terry O’Riley, Patrick and Moira Boyle, Jeff Pashley, Sonia Pashley, Mr J. Smith, Bill and Julia Plant, David and Barbara Wilson, Spencer Wright, Tony Arnold, Mr and Mrs Chilvers, Jordan Young, Richard Truesdale, Dave Gibbons, Chris Smith, Peter Towle, Martine Harris, Mark Orbell, Paul Ellis, Eric and Francis Salmon, Ian Sparshott, Naomi Ellis, Bob and Barbara Guymer, Rob and Louise Key, Keith Andrews, Martin Withers, Barbara Wakefield, Henry Dickinson, Mr Mulholland, Miss Atkinson, James and Maureen Bisland, Mr B. Richardson, Bell Anderson, Bernadette Raddon and Sue Robinson.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Cancer Care.