Mr A. Daniele

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MR Angelo Daniele, of Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 84.

He was born in Italy,

Mr Daniele was married to Caterina and he had two daughters, Maria and Luciana and two grandchildren, Mathew and Caitlin.

A retired labourer, Mr Daniele enjoyed listening to music and watching television.

Canon Anthony Dolan conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s RC Church, Grantham. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Caterina Daniele, Maria Daniele, Luciana Strommen, Mathew Strommen, Caitlin Strommen and Graeme Strommen.

Other mourners included: Tony, Angela and Brenda Daniele, Malcolm Rouse, Jessica Rouse, Mr and Mrs Plant, Mr T. Strommen, Mr G. DeGiorgio, Mrs C. DeGiorgio, Tony DeGiorgio, Mr and Mrs M. Platts, Mrs D. Fenton, Della Woollerton, Robert Wright, Lili Taverner, Moira Elliss, Chris Ferguson, Stacey Clay, Vera Kolesnichenko, Evelyn Cupit, Gary Thorpe, Mrs Armstead, Grace Martin, Mrs Bergin, Mrs Gilburt, Lilian Knowles and Mary Duggan.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Mind (Grantham).