Mr A. J. Clarke

Andrew Clarke.
Andrew Clarke.
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MR Andrew John (Andy) Clarke, of Barrowby Road, Grantham, has died in Dearnevale Nursing Home. He was 45.

Mr Clarke was born in Grantham. He was the son of John and Angela Clarke, and brother to Tracey.

He was educated at Huntingtower Road Primary School and then the Boys’ Central School, Grantham, leaving at the age of 16.

Mr Clarke had various jobs after leaving school, but following the birth of his two sons, Josh and Lewis, he was determined to do his best and make a better life for them, so he returned to his studies.

He went to Nottingham Trent University to study all aspects of Health and Safety and qualified in numerous categories, including risk management and occupational health and safety and was awarded his diploma.

He was employed at the Order of St John Charitable Trust as a health and safety manager, and worked there until his tragic skiing accident in January 2011.

Mr Clarke was devoted to his boys. His main passion was sport and he was a supporter of Nottingham Forest Football Club since he was a small boy. In his younger days he played cricket and football and for many years he coached a boys football team in Great Gonerby. He also enjoyed fishing and watching most types of sports on television. His sons also shared these interests with him.

His other interests were music, and he also enjoyed having barbecues with friends. He took up squash and played five-a-side football. Mr Clarke was accomplished at DIY and renovated his home with the help of his father.

Although Mr Clarke had many interests, he decided to take up skiing and became skilled at the sport. He would often return from his trips and begin planning the next with his friends and sons. He loved life and he lived it to the full.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland. His sister, Tracey gave a reading and tributes were given by his sons, Josh and Lewis, and friends, Steve Squires and Ben Benbow.

His friends, Nicky Johnson, Dean Lehair, Nick Craft, Roger Croft, Neil Parker and Andy Wilkins were pall-bearers.

Family mourners included: John and Angela Clarke, Tracey Clarke, Josh Clarke, Lewis Clarke, Mr R. Sharpe, Mr and Mrs M. Sharpe, Justine Walker, Joanna Sharpe, Mr and Mrs A. Clarke, Mr and Mrs J. Clarke, David Clarke, Richard Clarke, Mrs E. Johnson, Guy Johnson, Karen Beauchamp, Lynn Pashley, Emma Pashley, Gail and Rod Walker, and Paul and Yvonne Clarke.

Other mourners included: Caroline Laxton, Mark Holmes, Andrew Cheesbrough, Keith and Jenny Lound, Jane Cantrell, Lisa Sherriff, Mr and Mrs A. Lehair, Nick and Susan Sharpe, Mr and Mrs Mattison, Joanna Sharpe, Justine Walker, Elaine and Jim Coates, Melanie Naylor, Nic Gregory, Ray and Heather Fenn, Andy Littleover, Corinne Richardson, Kelly Scothern, Nigel Milne, Katherine Bradley, Michael and Pamela Charles, Diane Kent, Steph Bartrop, Adele Hunton, Jayne Ottewell, Shelly Smith, Helen McGowan, Jan Yoxall, Joanne Hawess-South, Andrew Brett, Lisa Lawler, Catherine Hall-Jones, Ruth Gadsby, Gary Renton, Jonathan Shaw, Rachael Bradley, Lian and Roger Croft, Ben Benbow, Steve Squires, Michelle Caroll, Dawn Thompson, Andrew Wilkins, Neil Parker, Lee Ellis, John Brown, Dean Sterry, Katie Orme, Maureen and David DeBank, Mark Amos, Vince and Joanne Abbs, Yolanda Martin, Teresa Martin, Debra Croft, Paul and Alison Davies, Matt Clarke, Dean Hawkins, Trevor Bernard, Jo Lovatt, Michelle Willcock, David Philpotts, Andrew Jockel, Kim O’Meara, Karl Welbourne, Michael Cornish, Mr and Mrs P. Cartwright, June Jessop, Fiona Corradine, Heather Corradine, Nick Croft, Simon Bailey, Scott Edgley, Judith Beasley, Margaret Matthews, Louise Matthews, Christine and Maureen Amos, Nick Amos, Nigel Carlton, Lee Towsey, Stephen Bradley, Francis Hawkins, Michelle and Gary Allbones, Brenda and Dave Edwards, Ryan Benbow, Tyler Benbow, Lynn Andre, Sara Green, Pat Royce, Laura Hounslea, Nigel Reed, Alan Cornish, Jo Lound, Elliott Cresswell, Mick Church, Louise Loveday, Simon Wilkinson, Sandra Wilkinson, Richard Goodrum, Darren Chantry, Andrew Cameron, Lee Hanratty, Louis Hanratty, Nick Spencer, Amelia Tallent, Caroline Scott, Nichola Smith, Debra Knight, Lesley Higgs, Shirley Wing, Ian Wing, Glenys Davey, Mark Gill, Haley and Stacey Staff, Brendan O’Sullivan, Mark Turton, Laura Allam, Dan Hayes, Paul Simons, Simon Jackson, David and Jane Willcock, Sarah Davey, Peter Davey, Joanna Grant, Anne Philbey, Richard Durance, Daryl Longman, Joanne Hesketh, Peter Holcroft, Martin and Sarah Harvey, Andy and Chloe Clark, Nicky Egan, Gary Johnson, Philip Croft, Nicky Johnson, Dean Lehair, Amanda Lehair, Zak Lehair, Max Lehair, Neil Wilkinson, Alec Thomas and Mr and Mrs J. Oates.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Dearnevale Nursing Home and Headway Brain Injury.