Mr A. J. Green

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MR Arthur (John) Green, late of Swinstead, has died in Wood Grange Care Home. He was 92.

Mr Green was born in Swinstead, the eldest of three children.

He attended the village school together with his brother, Aden and sister, Joan.

He and his wife Margaret, who was also born in the village, met at school and became childhood sweethearts.

After leaving school he worked on the land with his father, prior to being a gamekeeper on the Grimsthorpe Estate, following which he moved into the Park House.

In 1940 he joined up with the 4th Lincolnshire Regiment for six years and saw service in Scotland, Iceland, France and Germany.

He married Margaret in November 1942 when he came home on leave from Iceland during the Second World War. They had been happily married for 69 years prior to his death.

Mr Green was a loving father to Carol, Jennifer and Ann and a devoted grandfather.

He enjoyed sport and in his younger days was in the Swinstead cricket team with his brother and other various friends and he loved going to Trent Bridge with his friends.

He played cribbage for Swinstead, as well as darts, winning several trophies. Mr Green was also a member of the Royal British Legion. What spare time he had would be spent in the garden which was his pride and joy. He grew all his own vegetables and loved his flowers.

After 50 years working as gamekeeper, he retired in February 1984 and he and Margaret moved to High Street, Swinstead.

The funeral service took place at St Mary’s Church, Swinstead, followed by burial in the churchyard. The service was conducted by the Rev Andrew Hawes.

Family mourners included: Margaret Green, Carol and Terry Morgan, Jennifer Green, Ann Monk, Jim Pullen, Frances and Mark Cunningham, Laura Cunningham, Sophie Cunningham, Sharon Moulson, Iain Sproul, Craig Moulson, Sasha Moulson, Kim and Ste Maguire, Mandy and Paul Monk, Linda Siciliano, Kirsty Siciliano, Jade Siciliano, Paul Allam, Aden Green and Joan Bateman.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Ted Beet, Mr and Mrs J. Beet, Stephen Webb, Michael Murphy, Susan and Steven Elliott, Heather and John Wragg, Thomas Ward, Sylvia and Peter Curtis, Richard and Belinda King, Mr and Mrs Coupland, Dorothy Pell, Dick and Barbara Durno, Brian Lawrence, Jimmy Percival, Tim Dean, Derek Hand, Lionel Drage, Lady Sarah and Neil McCorquodale, Lady Jane Willoughby de Eresby, Nick and Lauretta Ridley, Gary and Chris Cox, Mr B. Lynch, Mrs M. Lynch, Kevin Chapman, Liz Unwin, Vera Blackbourn, Trevor Bateman, Charlie Sentence, Judith Wilkinson, Robert and Hilda Selby, Norah Gregg, Mr E. Cooper, Mr and Mrs G. Brown, Mrs M. Twigg, Pat Wright, Edwin Bee, Alex Cupit, Hugh and Philippa Lane, Kath Clarke, Pat Crockett, Phil Cupit, Joyce and William Smith, Elsie Kiely, Mr G. Henson, Mrs G. Strutt, Peter and Maureen Baker, Mr A. Baker, Mr E. Robinson and Emma Rust.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Swinstead Church and Help for Heroes amounted to £143.