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MR Arthur Leslie Slater, of Angel Court, Ancaster, and formerly of Marston, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 90.

Born in Hougham, he married Marjorie, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, who was in the Women’s Land Army at that time. They had a son David, daughter-in-law Lana, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

From the age of 14 until retirement, Mr Slater worked on Grantham Corporation Farm. He then continued to garden until he was 88, and kept beautiful gardens.

Together with his wife he enjoyed sequence dancing until ill-health prevented this.

The Rev Lilian Hall conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s Church, Marston. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Marjorie Slater, David Slater, Harold Gerrard, Kathleen Gerrard, Jean Goddard, Phillip Revil, Gemma Oxley, Linda Sneddon, Lindsay Critchley, Mark, Julie Turner and Trevor Lawrence.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs B. Watson, Mrs F. Ballaam, Sybil Ward, Beryl Drury, Peter and June, Nigel and Beryl Patchett, Irene Miller, Mr D. W. Tilley, Peter Fox, Steve and Kath Partridge, Val Pearson, Doris Wright, Bob and Shirley Scott, Ralph Critchley, Alison Loynes, Sue Davey, Rod Allen, Martin Slade, Margaret and Neil Habergham, Betty and Les Hudson, Betty Beckett, Alan and Ann Butler, Janet Horton, Andrew Davis, Stephen King, Alec King, Anne King, Sarah King, Daniel Dyson, Tom Hickson, Mick and Jenny Hill, Mr and Mrs J. Giovann and D. Gzorgio, John Crowther, Victor Kerr, Kathleen Drury, Hazel Tebb, Fred Farmer, Colin and Ann Drury, Margaret and Ernie Crithley, Lucille and Ray Chesterton, Mr and Mrs D. Fisher, Mrs K. Fisher, Peter Metcalf, Brent and Julie Richardson, John Gardener, Cynthia Hill, Daphne Morton, Mr and Mrs R. Beckett, Peter and Kath Gittins, Denise Gray, Vic Farmer and Horston and Edna Lange.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Alzheimer’s Society amount to £237.55 to date.