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obit - MILNER
obit - MILNER
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MR Alan Milner, of Lime Grove, Grantham, has died at home. He was 82.

Born in Jessop Hospital, Sheffield, in October 1928, he was given the names Ronald and Alan and it seemed to be the Milner family tradition to use your second name, rather than the first one, so Alan it was.

The majority of his happy, early childhood was spent in Crookes, Sheffield, where he lived with his parents and two elder brothers, Ted and Roy.

At the age of four he went to Weston Road School, where he remained for his entire school career, graduating at the age of 14.

The Second World War broke out during his school years but he and his brothers were never evacuated to the countryside. They spent nights in the Anderson shelter in their garden during the heavy bombing on Sheffield and emerged to find a nearby row of houses had been totally destroyed.

He began work at an electrical goods retailer in Sheffield city centre, where he stayed for six months. A series of further short-term jobs followed, but it was in the electrical field that he spent the next 51 years.

He completed his National Service in the Royal Air Force and after basic training was sent to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. He was demobbed in 1949.

Further jobs followed until in 1952 he accepted a role at a firm of contractors who had just been awarded a contract servicing the electrical requirements of many Lincolnshire RAF bases.

In July 1953 he married Maisie Middleton, in her home village near York. The couple settled in Grantham, lodging with friends in Dysart Road, before moving to their own flat in North Parade. They had a son, Alan, and shortly after his birth they bought a house in Lime Grove, Grantham, a home he lived in for the rest of his life.

In 1957 he joined Barfords of Belton and two years later their daughter, Carole, was born. The family was completed with the birth of Stephen seven years later.

The family were happy and enjoyed idyllic camping holidays around the British coast.

Sadly in 1981 his wife died and he left his job as a draughtsman at Coles Cranes and became self-employed until his retirement in 1993. He spent 13 weeks in Japan in 1986, working on the electrical installations on a new oil rig.

In retirement he travelled extensively with his dear friend and close companion of nearly 30 years, Beryl.

Mr Milner was a truly devoted husband, father, grandfather and loving friend and companion. He was warm hearted, always quick to see the upside of a situation and was always there to provide practical help, advice and counsel to whoever needed it. He was selfless to the end.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Andrew Key.

Family mourners included: Alan Milner, Wendy Milner, Sarah Milner, Carole Mackinder, David Mackinder, Louise Mackinder, Jonathan Mackinder, Stephen Milner, Samantha Milner, Siena Milner, Beryl Hannam, Mary Milner, Tony Morriscoe and Kathleen Morriscoe.

Other mourners included: Verity Payne, Terry Hannam, Ivan Roughan, Brian Hickingbotham, Terry Rushworth, Ray and Philip Collins, Val and Andy Smith, Mr and Mrs Richard Burgess, A. Harwood, Joe Dodwell, Kate Warren, Gillian Woodward, Freda Dixon and Judith Muskett.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Grantham St Barnabas Hospice.