Mr A. W. Watchorn Mrs G. Watchorn

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MR Arthur William Watchorn and Mrs Gladys Watchorn, of Barrowby, have died in Grantham Hospital. They were 91.

Mr Watchorn attended the King’s School, Grantham, and went on to join the Army, most of this time being spent in and around Italy. On his return to Grantham in July 1946, he went back into the family butchers business.

Mrs Watchorn attended the Girls’ Central School, Grantham, where she was a head pupil. On leaving school she went to work in the library, and later moved to the stock control department of Ruston and Hornsby.

While at the library she met Arthur, which at that time was only around the corner from the butchers. During his service overseas they continued to correspond and on his return to Grantham, their friendship blossomed into romance that was to last for over 64 years together.

They were married in 1947 at St John’s Church, Grantham, and went on to run the well-known family butchers business in Westgate, Grantham, until their retirement.

In retirement they had more time to concentrate on the many hobbies and interests they both had - Grantham Indoor Bowling Club; travelling around the UK and America; socialising and much more with the many friends they made. They had a very full and wonderful life together and were devoted to each other.

The couple will be greatly missed by their family, neighbours and their many friends.

The funeral service was held at All Saints’ Church, Barrowby, conducted by John Spriggs, followed by committal at Grantham Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Suzanne and Adrian Hewis, Martin Hewis, Stephanie Hewis, Jean Watchorn, Freda Munton, Jane Campion, Sue Pearson, Claire Peacey and Phil Searle. Rob Munton, Val Morrow and Janet Peake were unable to attend.

Other mourners included: Geoff and Audrey Middleditch, Bernard and Marjory Merseyknipe, Chris and Denis Pridmore, Joyce Bundy, Betty Whittle, Malcolm Brett, Mrs P. Bond, Betty McDonald, Eunice and Gordon Toynton, Mr and Mrs S. Foster, Christine Cooper, Tony and Pam Winch, Jack and Lindsay Gardner, Richard and George Newton, Keith Meadows, Nev and Pat Morris, Frank Winfield, Joy and Keith Wilkinson, Ray and Betty Smith, Hilda Whatley, Norman Baxter, Trevor and Wendy Johnston, Bud and Betty Richardson, Ruth Marsh, Alan Bradley, Ian Topps, Veronica Gregory, Marilyn Wormall, Jackie and Peter Brookes, Fleur Baker, Fred, Sue and Jason Selby, Mavis Palmer, Judy and John Morris, Beryl Smith, Marshall and Wendy Fryer, Beryl Hook, Beryl Leverett, Cynthia Dobney, Edna Dobney, Janet Hodson, Frank and Pam Dobney, Mrs Ivy Singleton, Kath Goodge, Ralph Devereux, Eric Smithurst, Charles and Pauline Rolt, Marlene Ellis, Jeannie Priest, Mr and Mrs Sidnell, Francis Spencer, Ken Spencer, Ann Shaw, Janet Hindmarch, Sue Whiting, Margaret Orbell, Lesley Montgomery, Lionel and Pat Royce, Mr and Mrs C. Stephens, Tracie Smith, Brian Roberts, Betty Simmonds, David Barron, Jean Woods, Gail Spencer, Norma Sheridan, Betty Madge, Geoffrey Middup, Judy and David Sprawson, Stella Brownlow, Jo Foster, Peter, Elizabeth and Ruth Cole, Richard Wynne, Ron Kettle, George Pearce, Michael Pearce, Joy Pearce, Andy and Sue Hodgson, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Nigel Stephens, Gerald Stephens, Jack and Diane Bond, Richard and Denise Burrows, Alan Newton, Pam Nunn, Jessie and Mike Bromley, Jenny Geeson, Paul Footitt, Pam Bosworth, Rosemary and Mick Sleaford, Patricia Joynt, David and Valerie Roper, Jackie Hardisty, Leonard and Sheila Payling, Mr and Mrs Bland, Susan Ladds, Mr D. Vincent, Stephanie Bishop, Annette Rort, Irene Bradford, Nora English, Sarah Wood, Ruby Wood, David Wood, Audrey Weston, Martin Howitt, Carol Howitt, Rosemary Curtain, Mr and Mrs S. Harrison, Jim Blackburn, John and Pat Madge, Duncan Andrew, Mr and Mrs Goodson, Annette Guy, Ruth Pacey, Sue Done, Johnny Gadd, Heather Rigley, Paul West, Colin Skinner, Eric and Helen Ward, Michelle Dixon, Brian Dixon, Chris Turner, David Price, Nick Penn-Berkeley, Maria Penn-Berkeley, Diane Penn-Berkeley, Sam Penn-Berkeley, Maureen and Martin Thwaite, Freda Dixon, Joan Bramley, Norman Taylor, Paul Dodd, Liz Healey, Richard Healey, Edna Graves, Ian Graves, Rosemary Ross, Mrs Haycocks, Pam and Betty Selby, Maisie Cupin, Rose and Haydn Watkins, Sue Singleton, Sheila Rodgers, Norman and Beryl Nicholson, Margaret Hallam, Gay Baggaley, Victor Carr, Mr and Mrs Copestake, Valerie Brocklehurst, Jennifer Reid, Rosemary Caunt, Janet Morley, Shirley Dring, George and Mary, Robert and Patricia Wall, Joyce Thorpe, Stephen Thorpe, Mrs Swatton, Sheila Keeling, Mr and Mrs B. Goodchild, Ron Bray, Bob Mills, Cyril Baker, Cath and Geoffrey Cowling, Sandra and David Burnett, Shirley Bickley, Jean Burton, Keith Harrison, John Ives, Sheila Holland, Ruth Whitehouse, John and Joan Barber, Maureen Bodd, Betty Philips, Elisabeth Philips, Mrs J. Overton, Jack Dobney, Mrs J. Cross, Helen Orbell, Judy Bradley, Clive Exton, Mrs Blakeman, Lynne Graves, Richard and Pat Graves, Malcolm Brett, Dr and Mrs Onuga, Yvonne Peter, Mr and Mrs D. Fraher, Richard and Jennifer Harris, Mr and Mrs J. Watson, Sandra and Jeff Pulfrey, Audrey and Frank Fleming, Michael Blades, Mr Dodd, John and Jenny Brown, Mr and Mrs Bill Johnson, Mr and Mrs D. Frankish, Jean Doubleday, Peter Montague, Mary and Melvin Bowden, Simon and Val Bachelor, Mr and Mrs Bachelor, Ray Tune, Les and Phyllis Wilkinson, Colin and Sue Henson, John and Muriel Goodacre, Frank and Marjorie Fielding, Lisa Newton, Gloria Topps, Mr and Mrs I. Smith, Colin and Yola Hennfrey, Robert Spencer, Pip and Sally Watkin, Vera Callow, Marjorie Unwin, Sally Pitcher, Robert and Janette Hardwick, Sarah Wilks, Doris Wilks, Mrs J. Taylor, Justine Redmile, Phil and Kate Waghorn, Joy Hall, Graham Hall, Keith Phillips, Katherine Heaton, Jasmin Groves, Pauline Palmer, Rita Baxter, Albert Woodwall, Sylvia Atkinson, Ann Bennett, Joyce Phillips, Trevor Goodall and Victor and Rosemary Hounslow.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and St Barnabas Hospice amount to £1,225 to date.