Mr B. A. Noble

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MR Barry Arthur Noble, of High Meadow, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 73.

He was born at East Barkwith, near Horncastle, Lincolnshire, the son of the late Francis and Hilda Noble and the eldest of three children. After leaving school he was trained as a printer at the Lincolnshire Standard newspapers.

In 1964 he married Mary and they lived in Holton-le-Clay, near Grimsby, before moving to Grantham in 1977, where he worked for Lynes Printers until its closure. He then took up lorry driving for Tyremart (Ag) Limited, of Long Bennington, where he remained until his retirement in 2004. Mr Noble made many friends through his hobbies of aero-modelling and radio control helicopters, gliding, sailing, narrow boating, motorcycling, target shooting and restoring rotavators.

He leaves his wife Mary, son, Ian and daughter, Heather.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Creatorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Mary Noble, Ian Noble, Heather Noble, Ros Noble, Valerie Seager and Geoff Noble.

Other mourners included: Richard Pollard, David Church, Kelly Bullimore, Mark and Andoress Taylor, Mr Cutforth, Andrew Tinsley, Phillip Strauss, Gordon and Linda Chapman, Roy Topham, Michael and Ann Cragg, Mary Lightfoot, Roger Edge, Graham and Judy Percival, Keith Stephenson, Trevor Stephenson, Brian Phillips, Alex Ferguson, Ian Wakefield, Theo Giannoukos, John and Sue Clawson, Winston and Sue Bailey, Mr and Mrs Abott, Mr Simpson, Julie Sims, Mr Wood, Alan Caine, Becky and Ray Elliott, Richard Smith, Mr and Mrs Coupland, Robert Coupland, Ken and Sheila Fowell, John and Elizabeth Beevor, Mr and Mrs Peto, John and Shirley Hughes, Mr Charity, Andrea Blackburn, Pep Hobson, David and Lesley Milner, Jan and Tony Eden, Mr and Mrs Stephenson, Mike Fricke, Mo Fricke, Simon Fricke, Belinda and Roger Gee, Stephen Pugh, John and Judith Glover, Chris and Lisa Fricke, Jim and Anne Suggit, Margaret, Geoff, Amy, John Seager, Pete Bristow, Christine Housam, Jim Prendeville, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Malcolm Hardingham, Ian Macphall, Allan Carter, Pamela Holden, Barbara Robinson, Mr and Mrs Temple, Stuart and Sue Amos, George and Jennifer Jackson, David and Michelle Reese, Mr and Mrs C. Barrett, John and Sue Barker, Peter Burton, Jean Burton, Helen Brannigan, David Trangmar, Geoff Brazier, Jerry and Janet Freeman, Julian Harby, Jeannette Ellis, Mr and Mrs J. Rees, Mr and Mrs Lightfoot, Graham Rock, Joan Rock, David Horn, Frank Jones, Reg Brunton and Sheila Green.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations are being received for “Just Jane”, the Lancaster bomber being restored at East Kirkby, c/o Robert Holland.