Mr B. G. A. Arlington

Obituary - Arlington
Obituary - Arlington
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Mr Barrie George Adrian Arlington, of Bourne Road Estate, Colsterworth, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 69.

Mr Barrie George Adrian Arlington, of Bourne Road Estate, Colsterworth, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 69.

Born in Yardley, Birmingham, he was the son of Nellie and George Leslie. He had a younger sister, Barbara.

Mr Arlington has two daughters, Claire and Ellie.

He met Mary in 1991 when he bought the Griffin Inn in Irnham. They married in 2009 and he became step-dad to David, Robert and Christopher.

After leaving school he became a postman in the Bridgwater district. He then followed his interest in baths management, eventually becoming manager of Farnborough Recreation Centre and Aldershot pools.

He later became landlord of the Griffin Inn and after retiring in 2007, he worked at The White Lion, Colsterworth.

He loved his work and “a half”, but also enjoyed playing pool with his friends at The White Lion. He once won the Landlord’s Cup while at the Griffin Inn. During the past few years he loved holidays in Fuerteventura and exploring the island. His other passions included his cars, ballroom dancing and busting his moves on the dance floor.

The Rev Eric Lomax conducted the funeral service at St John the Baptist Church, Colsterworth. Burial followed in Colsterworth cemetery.

Family mourners included: Mary Arlington, Claire and Ellie Arlington, David and Lucy Neave, Robert Neave and Diane, Christopher Neave and Kelly, Barbara and Robert Burton, Paul and Jane Arndt, Pip and Lynn Arndt, Nina and Brian Halsey, Kevin Burton, Neil and Lisa Burton, Jackie and Tom Higgins, Paul Arndt and Helen, Emma Noyce, Simon and Jess Arndt, Joanne and Richard Hudson, Jennifer Arnold and Kev, James and John Halsey, Steven Davies, Roger and Madeline Burton, Pat Arlington, Janet Lumborg, and Ann Arlington.

Other mourners included: Arthur and Kathy Carsley, Derrick Hamilton-Hinds, Clive and Mollie Lunn, Barry and Sadie Hall, Alex Hall, Jenny Halsey, David Hare, Sue Aitman, Des and Carol Bland, Teresa Jaques, Lisa Johnson, Ellis Cray, Nigel Dexter, Karan Harvey, Debbie Dexter, Melvin Wood, Derek and Sandra Cox, Mr and Mrs Hart, Graham Harman JP, Pam Harman, Graham Harman Jnr, Hazel Winter, Pauline Cox, Graham Daubney, Mr and Mrs V. Mitchell, Lorraine Simons, Dominic Harris, Christine Box, David and Jane Baxter, Barrie Dexter, John and Janice Thorpe, Kieran Scott, Maureen Sharp, Louise Hindmarsh, Maxine Halsey, Will Skellett, Andy Meehan, Mark and Bev Halsey, Viv Cairns, Ed Plant, Nigel and Shirley Sims, Mr and Mrs R. Arnold, Chloe Walden, Poppy McKeown, Bridie Walden, Steph Walden, Ted Ray, Don Baxter, Helen Scorren, Mr and Mrs Skewis, Fran Selby, Neil Summerfield, Simon and Sharon Harwood, Brian Bruce, L. Cook, Tim Smith, Paul Cox, Colin Colman, Chris Jones, Madeleine Smith, Rosanna Garner, Dean and Gemma Butley, Malcolm and Sandra Cook, Tracy and Shaun Hall, Mark and Sarah Hart, Mark Footitt, Steve Ogbourne, Ben Hall, Chris Bibby, Beck Baxter, Mat Smith, Emily Franklin, Ben Harwood, Adele Chapman, Caitlin Chapman, Eloise Chapman, Sylvia Purdy, Neil Brown, Dave Smith (White Lion), Margaret Garner, Luke Garner, John Walden, James Hewitt, Trevor Mascot, Mr and Mrs Clark, Pauline Easterbrook and Margaret White.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations were received for Cancer Research UK and The Stroke Association.