Mr B. Hutchins

Obituary: Bill Hutchins.
Obituary: Bill Hutchins.
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MR Bill Hutchins, of Cottesmore Close, Grantham, has died at home. He was 80.

Born in Kirton End, near Boston, he was the son of Jack and Nellie and had an older brother, Bert, and twin sister, Winnie.

Mr Hutchins was educated at Spitalgate School and then The King’s School, Grantham.

He was married to Julie and they had two children, Carole and Nigel.

From the age of 15 he worked at George Mills mens outfitters and later he became manager. He was made redundant after 38 years and went on to work at Pettits Audiovision until his retirement.

Fishing was one of his passions and also photography. He was co-founder of Grantham Cine Society. Other interests included the Local History Society and bird watching.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Julie Hutchins, Carole and Nigel, Winnie, Dave English, Sue Hutchins, Bill Hanlin, Margaret Hutchins, Joshua Hutchins, James English, Naomi and Matthew Clint, Beth English, Evie English and Megan Hutchins.

Other mourners included: Peggy English, Derrick Burbage, Roy Parker, Shirley Featherstone, Pauline and Colin Stephens, John and Jean Cooper, Michael Calcraft, Jean Woods, Shirley and Pete Dawson, Brian Hart, Nelly Robinson, Wendy Hyde, Glyn Hyde, Mark Hyde, Margaret Hutchins, Margaret Towns, Mr and Mrs Goslick, Bebe Lindfield, Angie Turner, Maria Bradley, Mr and Mrs Rutt, Jill and Tommy Sanders, John and Audrey Little, Gwen Gray, Charlie and Elaine Gray, Jane Statham, Mark Statham, David Gray, Susan Unsworth, Dale Trimble, Greta Stratford, Martin Pettit, Russell and Helen Trimble, Josephine Trimble, Hilary Pettit, Brian Potts, Malcolm and Silvia Pattison, Gordon and Maureen Eales, Jill Bos, Dot McCourt, Mr Garland, Mr Dare, Mr Pettit, Martin and Alison Lound, Betty and Margaret Nicholson, Mr and Mrs Doughty, Derek Jones, Betty and Arthur Rouse, Mrs P. Kwiatkowski, Brian Cross, Jane Cantrell, Lisa Sheriff, Vic Heppenstall, Mr and Mrs Brian Swann, Denis Squires, Phil Jones, Terry Baines, Gordon Brookes, Peter Connor, John Cuckson, Malcolm Knapp, Dave and Janet Hallam, Mr and Mrs B. Dodwell, Malcolm Ward, Graham Ward, Roy and Freda Poursor, John and Vera Callow, Raymond McDonald Snr, Raymond McDonald Jnr, John and Adelaide Baker, Kate and Peter Lamb, Darryl Maelzer, Christopher Hardingham, Clive George, Steve Parkin, Rodney Vodght, Mr and Mrs P. Gallagher, Michael and Eva Townsend, Susan Meggitt, Mr and Mrs F. Woollatt, Elaine Gill, Norah English, Stan and Joy Foster, Terry Shelbourne, Tony and Shirley Warner, Mary Treacy, John Shepherd, Sylvia Mason, Peggy O’Callahan, Dionne Toseland, Wendy Thomson, Heather Clint, Peter Baker, Andrew Wakley, Phil Wakley, Laurence Green, Martin Green, Greta Bates, Angela Bates, Stephanie Newham, Richard Landon and Michael Dring.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and Marie Curie Cancer Care.