Mr B. R. Johnson

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MR Brian Raymond Johnson, of Spire View, Grantham, has died at home. He was 57.

He was born in Grantham, the eldest son of the late Ray and Flo Johnson, and was the elder brother of Carole (deceased), Michael, David, Wendy, Susan, Martin and Simon.

He was dad to Scott and Lee and grandad to Tia and Keily.

On leaving Gleed Secondary School at 16, he had a short spell in the Army. He then had a variety of jobs, but ended his working life at Grantham Manufacturing Company, where he took early retirement due to ill health.

Mr Johnson loved spending time with all his family, going out for meals, going on holiday and attending Soul and Motown nights with some of his brothers, as music was a big part of his life. He also enjoyed his cars and going dog racing with his sons and their partners.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland. Burial followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Scott Johnson and Emma Ward, Lee Johnson and Sarah Brown, Michael and Teresa Johnson, David and Julie Johnson, Wendy and David Garner, Susan and Colin Johnston, Martin and Sara Johnson, Simon and Emma Johnson and Harry Jones.

Other mourners included: Mark and Sharon Jones, Michael Johnson, Emma Jones, Kelly Johnson, Steven Johnson, Louise Ward, Daniel Cosgrove, Carl Garner, Dale Garner, Leah Khrone, Matthew Johnston, Gabriella Johnston, Luke Johnson, Lyndsay Johnson, Brett Degnan, Debbie Bremner, Julie Marriott, Nancy Gregorich, Gina Garlick, Diane Johnson, Chloe Russell, Ian Russell, Sandra and Chris Lefbridge, Martin Storey, Ian Parke, Vince and Dianne Mapletoft, Monika Johnson, Sarah Scott, Anthony Welbourne, Lora Berridge, Ben Cleary, Stephen Watkinson, Sue Grant, Odette Garrett, Dodey and Amanda Mapletoft, Mr and Mrs Skerritt, Michelle Turner, Chloe Turner, Carl Turner, Marie Wilson, Nicky Jones, Mr and Mrs M. Howitt, Sally Hawes, Claire Chappell, Tanya Metcalfe, Graham Jones, Rachel Turner, Ben Turner, Stacey Metcalfe, Kim Metcalfe, David Stephens, Anne Clarkson, Mr and Mrs Mann, Ian Allison, Steven Edwards, Rick O’Connor, Gail O’Connor, Mrs Leuttage, Mrs Chantry, Miss H. Topham, Mr V. Luhar, Miss D. Bland, Nicholas Marriott, Margaret Marriott, Richard Marriott, Graham Wilson, Susan Richardson, Paul Royle, Deborah Davies, “Spanner”, Mr and Mrs Webster, Tracy and Scott Burden, Coral Burden, Jordan Whitcombe, Jackie Kilgallon, Mr and Mrs Webster, Daniel Myciuk, Neil Fish, Mike and Jose Bridgers, Jim Rodgers, Gary Long, Elaine Platts, Bill Powell, Tony Lawrence, Christine and Bernard Bonner, David Foster, Kenny Dowell, Malcolm and Sue Foster, Mr and Mrs Pearce, Joi Brace, Charlotte Gray, Nigel Parker, Kevin and Jenny Mutch.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Marie Curie Cancer Care and St Barnabas Hospice.