Mr C. E. Rayson

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MR Charles Edward Rayson (Charlie), of School Hill, Sproxton, has died in Waltham Hall Nursing Home, Waltham-on-the-Wolds. He was 93.

Born in Sproxton, he lived there all his life.

He leaves his daughters, Judy and Janet, son-in-law John, grandchildren and partners, Christopher and Lou, Nicola and Steven, and great-grandchildren, Charlie, Grace and Toby.

Most of his working life was spent working on a farm. Mr Rayson enjoyed sport and gardening. In his younger days he played football and in latter years darts and dominoes.

The funeral service was held at St Bartholomews Church, Sproxton, conducted by Canon Alan Haydock. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Immediate family mourners included: Judy Haylock, Janet and John Coleman, Christopher Haylock and Lou Cox and Nicola and Steven Chamberlain.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs M. H. Hazard, Mr J. Rayson, Mr K. Rayson, Mr and Mrs R. Hazard, Miss L. Cheney, Mrs M. Smith, Mr and Mrs R. Pacey, Mrs K. Cox, Mr R. Cox, Mr and Mrs S. Rayson, Mr and Mrs A. Hollingworth, Mr and Mrs S. Coleman, Mr and Mrs B. Birch, Mr and Mrs N. Birch, Mr and Mrs C. Sercombe, Mr R. Cox, Mr J. Watchorn, Mrs P. Jessop, Mr A. Jessop, Mr J. Jessop, Mrs L. Pitcher, Mr and Mrs C. Woodcock, Mr and Mrs B. Leigh, Mr S. Birch, Mrs D. Harvey, Mrs G. Cunnington, Mr and Mrs Tony Geeson, Mrs M. Geeson, Mrs D. Steele, Mrs G. Coleman, Miss S. Coleman, Mr M. Rayson, Mrs L. Rayson, Miss A. Rayson, Mr and Mrs A. Wilkinson, Mrs P. Kennedy, Mr B. Wilkinson, Mr M. Graham, Mr C. Smith, Mr and Mrs D. Copley, Mr and Mrs N. Rayson, Mr K. Rayson, Mr J. Barker, Mr and Mrs M. Jarvis, Mr and Mrs P. J. Wright, Miss J. Daniels, Mrs P. Graham, Bella, Laura and Porge, Mr and Mrs D. J. Kirk, Mrs D. Eggleston, Mr Buckberry, Mrs M. Stannage, Mr and Mrs R. G. Wright, Miss L. Godson, Mr and Mrs Margaret and Alan, Mrs B. Holloway, Miss J. Smith, Mr D. Burroughs, Mr S. Coleman, Mr P. Haynes, Mr and Mrs S. Good, Mr and Mrs C. Birch, Mrs S. Welldon, Mr D. Bates, Mr and Mrs G. Reeve, Mrs S. Creber, Mr B. Jordan, Mr and Mrs B. Stannage, Ms L. Beard, Mr S. Jessop, Mr and Mrs J. Townsend, Mr and Mrs N. Cook, Mr and Mrs B. Pinder, Mr and Mrs C. Birch.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Service, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for the upkeep of Sproxton churchyard amount to £600 to date.