Mr C. Goodge

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MR Christopher Goodge, of Thames Road, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 53.

He was born in Old Somerby, the son of Gerald and Kathleen Goodge and was brother to Valerie and Paul.

He is predeceased by his father and brother.

He was married to Tracy and they had three children, Andrew, Stacey and Antony. He also leaves a son-in-law, Darren.

After leaving school he worked at several garages until retiring from Vacu-Lug two years ago to become Tracy’s carer.

Mr Goodge enjoyed camping holidays with his wife, gardening and motorcycles.

The Rev John Bruce conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Tracy Goodge, Andrew Goodge, Stacey Brown, Antony Goodge, Darren Brown, Kathleen Goodge, Valerie Bigwood, Wayne Goodge, Sue Goodge, Angela Newton, Gary, Jane and Ellie Newton, Paula Newton, Melvyn Wood, Charlotte and Stephanie Wood, Clinton and Vicky Newton, Chloe and Liam Newton, Aleesha Newton, Amie Burrows, Sam Hudson, Angela and Patrick McBride, Molly and Isobel McBrid e and Sallyann and Keith Dickinson.

Other mourners included: Mandy Taylor, Ian and Tracey Williamson, Casey Anderson, Vicky Jessop, Penny Gerrard, Steve Howe, Carol and Keith Lounde, Amanda Cogan, Simon Caudwell, Janet and David Stanton, Charlotte Howe, Jean Howe, Laura Howe, John Price, Charlotte and Diana Adam, Susan Newton, Mr Bramford, Colin Abbot, Phil Rose, Christina West, Janet Hollingworth, Simon Neal, Simon Clay, Michael Needham, Julian and Clare, John Dawson, Ryan Capes, Aiden Drury, James Bellamy, Mr and Mrs P. Wilcox, Diane Cooke, Brenda Towning, Peter Jackson, Sarah Ward, Paul and Delphine Flower, Mr Pearson, Richard Turner, Craig and Angela Rudkin, Roger Selby, D. Selby, Colin and Wendy Porter, Rebecca Calvert, Martin and Deborah Ward, Jack and Judy Heald, Sandra Mullin, Jackie Calvert, Mr and Mrs Massen, John and Zenda Dempster, Steph Dempster, Nathan Scarborough, Carl Scarborough, Angela Scarborough, Carl Scarborough Sen, David Jones, Nicola Howe, Clare Kelham, Connie Johnson, Trevor Green, Linda Patterson, Cliff and Julie Newton, Susan Clarke, Megan Clarke, Melvin Adams, Bill McLerdy, Mr and Mrs Tanswell, Anthony Chamberlain, John and Jane Ward, Mark Stark, Mr and Mrs Stark, Ian Button, Barbara Brewin, Steven Brewin, Chloe Wells, Kayleigh Newton, Jack McGhee, Mark Pardoe, Matthew Walker, Samantha Swain, Mr and Mrs Garrod, Liz Markham, Benny Marshall, Betty Newton, May Hall, Mr and Mrs Newton, Mr and Mrs Caldwell, Debra Knight, Steven Knight, Keiahull Knight, Beth and Edward Stanton, Karl Taylor, Leonard Goodband, John and Sybil Meadows, Mrs Clark, Wilfred and Margaret Stokes, William Stanton, David Stanton, Marion and Ray Flavell, Bob Hall, Adrian Shelton, Chris Dexter, David Newton, Paul Newton, Kevin Knowles, Kate Cooper, Colin Dickinson, Paddy and Ena Doyle, David and Pauline Campbell, Ivy Singleton, Joan Martin, Simon Newton, Robert Newton, Terry Boyle, Garry Ward, George Ward, Rob McPhail, John and Hazel Whitlam, Ron Frisby, Bryn Jones, Maureen Nichols, Brian Halsey, Ann and David Hicks, Colin and Karen Hicks, K. Booth, Yvonne Johnson, Valerie Gowan, Denis Atter, Jane and Jim Rodgers, Ray Ellis, Sharon Grant, Kyle O’Connor, Karla Woods and Michelle O’Connor.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Guide Dogs for the Blind amount to £406 to date.