Mr D. Codling

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MR Don Codling, of Bottesford, has died at home. He was 82.

His early years were spent in Barrowby and he had a brother Leslie.

Following 12 years’ service in the Navy and Fleet Air Arm, he joined A. V. Roe. He was a first class batsman in their cricket team and he also played football for Grantham Town.

He married Ann and they lived in Plungar, but sadly she died at a young age. Mr Codling then moved to Bottesford, where he enjoyed gardening flowers, especially sweet peas, and also vegetables which he shared with his friends and neighbours.

A lifelong racing enthusiast, he was a bookmaker for many years.

He travelled to Thailand each year to visit Ream and her family.

He leaves a niece Linda, her husband Andrew and their daughter Hannah.

Mr Codling was a true gentleman, with a wide circle of friends and a very caring person who would do anything for anyone, and who loved being with people.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Bottesford, conducted by the Rev Dr Mark Smith. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Linda, Andrew and Hannah Kelly, Muriel, Brian and Stephen Pierrepoint.

Other mourners included: Len and Betty Worley, David Andrew Worley, Don Harris and Liz Lightfoot, Anne Swingler and Derek Pritchard, Pat Lightfoot, Paul Moorhouse, George and Muriel Cooke, Anne Ablewhite, Betty Shelton, J. C. Still, Alan and Margaret Millington, Noel Carolan, Gordon Woolley, Anne and Arnold Streets, Tony and Carole Pacey, Pauline and Brian Austin, Ray Mabbott, Ched Mabbott, Glyn and Betty Orridge, Mr and Mrs P. Capes, John and Mary Dewey, Trev and Pam Weller, Peter Clark, Eunice Draper, Frank Wilkinson, Enid Lowe, William Sutton, Trevor Coy, Don Watchorn, Frank and Jean Moulds, Terry Anthony, Abi Anthony, Mary Morley, David Pyai, Debra Clarke, Mr and Mrs Butler, John and Jennifer Campbell, Christine Saunders, Sid and Jean Culpin, L. Houghton, Eric and Margaret George, J. Perry, R. Mills, Peter Widger, P. Kuzio, Terry and Barbara Parkes, Wilf and Margaret Moulds, David Griffin, Ian and Shirley Smith, Paul Willcock, John and Margaret Grainger, Peter, Tony and Neil Grainger, Mr D. Welbourn, Mr D. Collett and Jean and Arthur Gamble.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for the Injured Jockeys’ Fund amount to £300.20 to date.