Mr D. Edwards

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MR David Edwards, of Victoria Street, Grantham, has died at Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding. He was 51.

Born in Liverpool, David was the youngest of 5 children to the late Mr and Mrs Edwards. He moved to Grantham in 1975 where he attended Boy’s Central School. He met Ina in 1982 and they married in 1989. He leaves his wife Ina, brothers Robert and Eric, sisters Ann and Pat and many nieces and nephews.

After leaving school David went to work at Colsterworth pig farm, then Walkers Fencing, Bottesford. From there he went to work at Marco’s where he was later made redundant. The the last 23 years he worked for the Royal Mail as a postman in Grantham and surrounding villages.

Ina was the love of David’s life; married for 22 years there remains countless fond memories of holidays abroad and happy times together socialising with family and friends. Also close to David’s heart was Liverpool Football Club, as a devoted fan of the Reds he supported his team with pride. David also played football for a number of local teams, making lasting friendships along the way.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium on Monday 5th September. The service was conducted by the Reverend Eric Horner. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners were: Ina Edwards, Robert, Irene, Harriet and Alice Edwards, Chris Jennings, Eric, Miriam, Kevin and Hannah Edwards, Brendon and Miciaih Edwards, Heidi and David Sudworth, Ann, Alan, Krystle, Kayley and Langley Holderness, Pat, Mike, David and Jenni Hale, Mrs Hale, Dale Godwell, Paul and Alison Edwards, Terry Edwards, Maureen and Ian Dundon, Dorothy Boner, Gladys Waite, Les and Sandy Waite, Ruth Bound and Derek Jones, Mary and Ron Price, Jessica and Madison Mackman, Ann, David, Sophie and Josh Pepper, Claire, Ian and Sienna Screaton, Margaret and Pete Screaton, Hannah Staveley, Miriam and John Truesdale, Phil, Penny and Kirsby Truesdale, Gemma and Dean Templeton, Brian and Linda Truesdale and John and Richard Truesdale.

Other mourners included: Stuart and Ann McCarthy, Bernard Maslin, Ingrid Smith, Carl and Joanne Spain, John and Brenda Parson, Godfrey Mackinder, Tony Harvey, June Conboy, Mrs Hopkins, Mary Wood, Steve Pilgrim, Andy Coe, Tracy Aldrich, Tom and Betty Selby, Kevin and June Brittain, Tony Joyce, Donna Warren, Graham Kiely, Jill and Garry Preston, Stuart and Carol Gent, Irene Cresswell, Graham Singleton, Susan Caps, Nigel Connor, Kevin Connor, Mr Nix, Paul Kelly, Mel Birch, Matt Kelly, Bob Hack, Steve Staff, John Dobney, Barbara Carey, Della Bennett, Marshall and Wendy Friar, Graham and Susan Henderson, Simon Jackson, Stuart Grimwood, Nigel Turner, Ben Benson. Sheila and Alec Cox, Debra Knight, Mick Topham, Jaqui Daveed, Stefan Latter, Ian Sparshott, Kevin and Sheree Andrews, Mrs Selby, Tony Lemmon, Colin and Elaine Scott, Kim Morley, Mr and Mrs P Drury, Gilbert Harrison, Slive Exton, Mick and Ruth Kimble, Joy Osborne, Sue Ironmonger, Tony Lane, Mel Smith, Terry Carey, Robert Carey, Dave Northing, Ivan Barnett, Bobby Horner, Keith Brittain, Yvonne Ewing, David Wiltshire, John Dempster, Pam Hogan, Gail Ostler, Mr Goring, Anne Windsor, Dawn and Paul Brittain, Colin Tilley, Joyce Parkinson, Beryl Spratley, Richard and Carol Hadlow, Mr and Mrs K Sparshott, Mr and Mrs W. J. Sparshott, Martin and Toby Kiely, John Loosemore, Tony and Ann Baxter, Michael Aldridge, Kevin Lyon, Joanna Shaw, Andrew Dunk, Mr and Mrs Lound, Alex Arthur, Carol Hughes, Lee Edwards, Ian Norton, Alan Coy, Tony Johnston, Danny Mackenzie, Mr and Mrs T Walton, Bill Pirie, Ian Taylor, Roy Topham, Bill Rawlinson, Daley Rawlinson, Andy Nothdurft, Mick Pearson, Steve Nesbit, Shirley, Edward and Sophie Hennessy, Andy Corby, David Lewis, Billy Robertson, Jane Robertson, Jock Robertson, Alice Robertson, Andy Ephgrave, Geraldine Beasor, Jim Henderson, Dave Lister, Vickie Newton, Keith Hart, Fernanda Fernando, Debbie Crowther, Andrew Cole, Val Meadows, Paul and Silvia Cant, Jean Baker, Mrs Heather Moreton, Alan Bond, Luke Esswood, Lisa McAuliffe, John Tosh, Mr and Mrs West, Andy Selby, Sandra Hind, John Turton, Sean Pexton, Ann Welbourne, Pat Brown, David Staveley, Tim Staveley, Rosie Staveley, Georgina Carnill, Brenda and Graham Scoffield, Bob Gardner, Lillian Roberts, Robert, Heidi, Hannah and Joshua White, Dean Fardell, Jim Rodgers, Deb Thompson, Mr and Mrs Brooks, Guy Mitchell, Dave Scothern, Chris Kelly, Tim Leeson, Elaine Watkinson, David Wand, Dennis Clay, Steve and Tina Marchant, Mick Holvey, Chris LeHair, Coleen King, Joyce White, Trevor White, Rose Farmer, Nigel Brazil, Denis White, Geoff Quanborough, Barry Worthington, Chris Holmes, David Philpotts, Gary and Susan Shepherd, Kath and Dave Gadd, Barry Grundy, Zena Hall, Edin Bellamy, Lynne Elkington, Stacey Elkington, Diane Dodwell, Dale Dodwell, Steve Dodwell and Nicky and Ruth Kimber.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland. Donations to Macmilland Nurses, Cancer Research and the Tulip Suite at the Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding.