Mr D. Hedworth

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MR Denis Hedworth, has died at home. He was 82.

Born over his grandmother’s shop in Alexandra Road, Grantham, he was one of nine children. He was brought up in Croxton Kerrial.

He married Margaret in 1950 and they had two daughters and subsequently two grandsons.

Mr Hedworth started work at Saltby Camp, where the Americans were based in the 1940s. He then worked on the land until the early 1970s, when he went to work for H. Coy in Hanby. Later he worked as a HGV driver for G. Proctor, delivering John Deere farm machinery all over the country, a job he really loved and continued with until his retirement.

As a teenager he played in goal for Waltham football team and later played for Croxton kerrial. He also played cricket, darts, pool and any sport which involved a ball.

The funeral service was held at St Guthlac’s Church, Branston, conducted by the Rev Rowena Bass. Cremation followed in Grantham, conducted by the Rev June Rowland.

Family mourners included: Margaret Hedworth, Sandra Herbert, Julie and Mark Sketchley, Tristan Creasey, Rebecca Curtis, Nathan and Hayley Herbert and Teeny and John Everton.

Other mourners included: Steven and Deborah Yates, Mrs B. Wise, Dennis Braisby, Neil Rayson, Ian Rayson, Richard Johnson, Colin Spalding, Fred Marsh, Pat Noble, Dawn Booth, Maureen Pell, Ken and Ruth Bryan, Phil Chambers, Liam Alexander, Amy Jepson, Janet North, Joyce Dolby, Carole Ward, Henry and Peggy Coy, Mandy Oliver, Mr and Mrs B. Read, Pamela and Dominic Ianson, Georgina Faulkner, John and Joan Watchorn, Ralph Hawkins, John Slater, Rita Mumby, Winston Rawlings, Alec Coy, Peter Knapp, Sue Stockdale, Robyn Stockdale, Steve and Linda Alexander, Ngaere Sketchley, Mrs Carpenter, Mr Pope, Howard and Helen Coy, Edwin Bellamy, Kim and Donald Morley, Lionel and Jackie Farnsworth, Elaine Hall, John and Hilda Townsend, David Pulfree, Adam Wachorn, Barbara Gibbons, Maureen and Eddie Curtis, Edward Curtis and Peter Tully.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Ward 2 at Grantham Hospital.