Mr D. P. Elstone

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MR David Paul Elstone, of Kenilworth Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 54.

Born in Grantham, in August 1957, he was the only son of the late Anna and Ted Elstone, and brother to Sonia, Mari and Daniela.

He was educated at the Blessed Hugh More School in Grantham.

In April 1980 he married Lynn and they had a son, Steven in 1983.

Mr Elstone was a well-known joiner in the town for many years. He took an apprenticeship at Grantham College and started working for firms in the town, before going self-employed many years ago.

Mr Elstone loved visiting his son and daughter-in-law, Theresa, who live in the USA. He also enjoyed going out with his friends and playing pool, dominoes and darts. He generally loved life and was well-known for his sense of humour. He was interested in all sports, especially football and his team Manchester United.

The Rev Chris Boland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Lynn, Steven, Theresa, Sonia, Mari and Daniella, Garry, Arthur, Charlotte and Lauren.

Other mourners included: Kev Storey, T. Done, Mr and Mrs Willis, D. Ward, J. Drury, S. Munton, Will Mackintosh, Scott Pacey, Clare Brewster, Darren Heard, Ray Bradley, Janice Coyne, Pete Coyne, Glen Cooper, Christine Cooper, Margaret Evans, Mary Coyne, Nora Atkin, Terry Atkin, Dave Bostock, Kylie Scothern, Sam Scothern, Chris Bentley, Eric Tyler, Mr and Mrs P. Williams, Andrew Taylor, Ian Howlett, Steven Edwards, Tracy Edwards, Paul Heard, Nathan Stretton, Barney Stretton, Tony Taylor (junior), Margaret Ford, Donna Auckland, Douglas Grant, Michael Keane, J. Keane, Neil Podham, Beth Hubbard, Stephen Horner, Sharron Haywood, Carley Michiniew, Gillian Haynes, Tyler J. Haynes, Martin Haynes, Martin Cooper, Johnny Ferry, John Angeloni (senior), John Angeloni (junior), Gina Angeloni, Rui Da Silver, Darren Quinn, Jacqui Quinn, Jennie Quinn, Craig Askew, Leanne Quinn, Sarah Lanpey, Robert Maciejewski, Shane Forbes, Danny Redley, Nick Pacey, Yvonne Yates, Ben Pacey, Rosina Armitage, Debbie Walsh, Mandy Grant, Patricia Hall, Susan Rennie, Jim McGurk, Amanda Bellamy, Glynis Bellamy, Ian Weston, Christine Weston, Peter Railton, Fred Jones, Mark Bellamy, Natasha Vernon, Nina Vernon, Carl Hewerdine, Emelia Hewerdine, Jennie Conboy, Shamus Conboy, Mark Conboy, Jodie Conboy, Andy Northdurft, Amy Northdurft, Michael Northdurft, Mary Berry, John Berry, Kitty Green, Cheryl Bradley, Lisa Ley, Lewis Bremner, Mr and Mrs Cooper, Mary Kirk, Mr and Mrs D. Page, Sue Ironmonger, Mick Conboy, Sandra Conboy, Sylvia Duthie, Sam Duthie, Pat O’Flaherty, Norma O’Flaherty, Brendon O’Flaherty, Martin Stothard, Nicky Stothard, Mike Atter, Dan Brookes, Dave Baxter, Joe Walsh, Jan Walsh, Lynda Bostock, Eddie Grant, Adam Grant, David Baxter, Leanne Hoy, Dale Scothern, Carolyn Scothern, Jason Lewicki, Mel Lewicki, Howard Atherton, Francesca Keane, Valerie Gowen, Judith Beasley, Ann Elstone, David French, Gill Lenton, John Lenton, Paul Musson, Sue Williams, Carol Hartley, Neil Bradley, Sonia Bradley, Stuart Gowen and Dot Selby.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.