Mr D. P. Featherstone

Obit - Darren Featherstone
Obit - Darren Featherstone
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MR Darren Phillip Featherstone, of Alexandra Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 36.

Born in Grantham, he was the son of Linda Jordan and Alan Featherstone, and brother to Sam. He was the step-son of Phil, father to Riley and Travis, brother-in-law to Phil, uncle to Ryan and Jamie, and grandson of Thelma.

He started school in Colsterworth and then went on to the Charles Read School in Corby Glen.

After leaving school he joined the Army, and became a welder by trade, having been taught by the Royal Engineers. After leaving the service he had various jobs, and his last employment was working for his friend, Kev Russell.

Mr Featherstone loved motorbikes. He also enjoyed karaoke and fancy dress parties. He liked socialising and he was the life and soul of any party.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: Alan Featherstone, Linda Jordan, Phil Jordan, Sam Crampton, Phil Crampton, Ryan Crampton, Jamie Crampton, Vanessa Featherstone, Daniel Featherstone, Ruth Featherstone and Troy Brown.

Other mourners included: Andrea Meehan, Simon Dexter, Pauline Burton, Jenny Burton, Lucy Neave, Mary Arlington, Diane Selby, Tina and Paul Cox, Richard and Joanne Hudson, Anna Pickup, Joanna Millward, Ian Turnpie, Perry and Sandra Arndt, Mr and Mrs Russell, Amanda Brunton, Tracey Eammon, Maeliosa McDade, Helen and Roger Bull, Madelaine Smith, Liam Smith, David Smith, Andy Hill, Mr L. Cook, J. Hannah, Colin Reddish, Stephanie Waldon, Bridie Waldon, John Waldon, Gary Matthews, Lisa, Paul and Charlotte Collins, Derek Ridealgh, Roy Ridealgh, Lyn and Jim Allen, Ian Holt, Catherine Ashwin, Debra Bland, Beverley Green, Paul and Angela Featherstone, Laura Widdowson, Joules Cox, Emma Norris, Mr and Mrs C. T. Atter, Colin Atter, Amanda Haslin, Jane Morris, Janice Thorpe, Vanessa Cairnes, Dan Goodliffe, Trevor Mascot, Paul Arden, Mark Footitt, Paul Thompson, Lisa Costello, Dawn Spencer, Sandra and Derek Cox, Wayne Harrison, Ron Arnold, Paul Aitman, Bruce Tilley, Mrs Whatton, Linda Thompson, Anthony Rawson, Charles Thompson, Jonathan Thompson, Thomas Martin, Jamie Grant, David Neave, Grenville Burton, Chris Ward, Mr and Mrs Skewis, Alec Thorpe, Zoe Fielding, Denis Key, Julie Swain, Lesley Sterry, Tom Green, Daniel Betteridge, Shaun Hall, Tracie Hall, Ben Hall, Kelly Warwick, Angela Parkin, Maria Wright, Geoff Jackson, Joanne Slack, Steve Davies, Richard, Luke Garner, Simon Caldwell, Charlotte Scrivener, Steve Sellars, Ann Dolan, Kerry-Anne Dolan, Tracie Cryer, Mrs Bacon, Mary Wood, Mr and Mrs Hazelwood, Melanie Naylor, Lucy Hughes, Frances Roe, Carol and Mike Beacher, Ron and Wendy Frisby, Mr and Mrs T. Harris, Katie Brown, Kay Taylor, Marie Sparks, Andy Abbott, Mark Kirby, Susan Kirby, Julie O’Boyle, Rachel Bayleigh, Angela Tullo, Julie Pattison, Nina Ward, Tony Saxby, Danielle Winters, Christian Winters, Roy Thompson, Glen Walton, Suzanne Davies, Raymond Davies, Anita Davies, Daniella Weavers, Sue Newbatt, Sarah Mutch, Trudie Clark, Graham Clark, Jodie Munn, James Munn, Roxanne Michelson, Barbara Elmer, Maureen Nicholl, Louise Hindmarch, Jenny Arnold, Nina Holsey, Kate Bonfield, Nigel Dexter, and Richard Atter.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Help for Heroes.