Mr D. T. Cranfield

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MR David Terry Cranfield, of Main Street, Edenham, Lincolnshire, has died in Peterborough City Hospital. He was 71.

Born in Grantham in September 1940, he was the eldest son of Maisie and Eric. David was brought up on a smallholding and was passionate about outdoor life.

In 1947 his brother, Christopher (Criff) was born.

He grew up in Grantham and went to the King’s School, leaving at the age of 16 to work on a number of farms, before enrolling at Caythorpe Farm College. While at the college he met Anne Pexton and they were married in 1964 and moved to Sussex, when Mr Cranfield took on the role of manager at a dairy farm in Staplecross. During this time their three children, Heath, Claire and Lynsey were born.

In 1975 they moved to Wilsthorpe, to their own farm, then to Crowland in 1981, where Mr Cranfield’s passion for shire horses began. Finally, he settled at Copy Lawn Farm in Edenham, where he continued his love of farming and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.

A committal service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, followed by a service at St Michael’s Church, Edenham, conducted by Canon A. Hawes.

Family mourners included: Heath, Pam, Brogan and Blythe Cranfield, Claire, Shaun, Charlene and Jamie Spires, Lynsey, Barry, Danielle and Lewis Cooper, Criff and Sylvia Cranfield, Lucie and Julian Cox, Clive and Lynda Pexton, Jean Norton, Anthony Norton, Penny and Ian Glaves, Gail Cooper, Les Cooper, and Malcolm and Alison Smith.

Other mourners included: Kim and Alan Stimson, Cheryl, Sophie, Natasha, Rhianna and Andrea, John and Una Bee, William Cunningham, Paul Spence, David Smith, Mr and Mrs D. Rosling, Eric Wyer, John Templeman, Mrs V. Curtis, Janet Issaoui, Mike and Shirley Mills, Paul Grunnell and Gemma King, Fred and Heather King, Liz Spires, Audrey and Bill Pearson, Judy Joyce, Linda Garfoot, Trevor Thompson, Helen Strickson, Alec and Ann Blanchard, Tim and Ruth Clark, Jenny Dale, Richard and Jane Bates, Mr and Mrs E. Bates, Stephen Knipe, Sam Bates, Amy Bates, Caroline Stimson, David Kelby, Caroline Haver, Doris Bee, Mr B. Salmon, Carole and Ian Cunningham, Robert and Sally Haddow, June Baldwin, Chris and Val Webster, Robert Russell, Mr and Mrs W. R. Kerfoot, Alan Dean, Mark Russell, Mark Green, David Bates, Mr and Mrs N. Hawkins, John and Josephine Whitelam, Edward Whitfield, Reg and Janet Addy, Bryan Robinson, Tim Webster and Maire Steele, Tony and Pauline Wadham, Philip Bee, R. King, B. Lynch, Mrs R. Atter, Mr D. Atter, Michael and Rosemary Wilson, John Key, Liz Unwin, Denis Gray, Susan Hallam, Bob Taylor, Tony Martin, Bill Immink, Gill Stanford, Derek Lees, Denis Murray, Chris Allen, Richard and Janet Allen, Philip Marshall, Rita Baldock, Henry and Kate Hawes, C. Thorold, Mick and Dawn Bray, Barry Sandall, Nev Taylor, Alison and Malcolm Smith, Gail and Les Cooper, Roy Fox, John Ward, B. A. Winn, David Cosgrove, David Worthington, Maurice Poucher and Sue Cosgrove, K. J. Wheat, John Wheat, Graham Chapman, Dick and Rosie Smith, Janet and Graham Wand, Peter and Rita Crowther, Alan and Kathryn Twell, Stephen Copley, Ron and Heather Lee, Gilly and Johnny Ward, Janet and Bryan Herd, Alister Green, Christine Gray, Roger Dungworth, Pam and Dave McPherson, Dean and Joyce King, Carol Pollard, Fran Childs, Maurice Mosdell, Bill and Brenda Dean, Sue Johnson, Joy Romaine, Peter Machin, Norah Gregg, Vicki Preston, Heather Peachey, John Peat, Geoff Massingham, Mike Toon, Julie Hutchinson, Ann and Bumper, Richard Haw, Bob and Anne Ellis, John and Lynne Gibson, Joan Lincoln, Phyllis and Sam Nadin, Patricia Blackshaw, Bill Ward and Mr M. Halsey.

Funeral arrangements were by T. R. Carlton Funeral Directors, Abbey Road, Bourne.