Mr F. Law

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MR Frank Law, of Belton Avenue, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 94.

Born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, he was the son of David and Jessie Law.

He moved to Grantham in 1946 when he married Kath. They had two children, Kathryn and David, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He and Kath enjoyed 65 years of marriage.

In 1939 Mr Law joined the Army, and during the Second World War he saw action in North Africa. In January 1944 he moved on to Naples, Italy, in preparation for the Anzio landings. He then saw action in the Holy Land, including Tel Aviv and Gaza. In April 1946 he returned to England and was demobbed in May of that year, after seven years’ service. He was a reserve soldier for a further five years.

He moved to Grantham and spent many years driving for Barfords of Belton. His final employment was at Coles Cranes, Grantham, from where he retired in 1982.

Mr Law enjoyed driving, doing crossword puzzles and playing his keyboard.

The Rev Jill Potts conducted the funeral service at St John’s Church, Manthorpe. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Kath Law, Kate and Tony Collingwood, David and Pearl Law, Stephen and Sarah Collingwood, Emma Collingwood, Matthew Collingwood, Sarah Law, Matt Tupper, Alison and Ian Clark, Marc Collingwood, Julie King and Paul and Debbie Collingwood.

Other mourners included: Dorothy and Robert Barber, John Burrows, Beryl Watson, Ada and Jim Parker, Peter and Christina Banks, Sandra Wain, Sheila Brittain, John Spooner, Jane Kirk, Mr and Mrs G. Cant, Jill O’Sullivan, Don O’Sullivan, Marilyn Mann, Val Dannourah, Mrs S. Toulson, Donna Law, Gemma Law, Russell Ballaam, Doris Ballaam, Nan Grey, Di Kirwan, Ray Storey, Tony and Valerie Bembridge, Dora Kettle, Betty Cobbs, Elsie and George Short, Mr and Mrs Ablewhite, Heather Carter, Nigel Podham, Jennifer Collingwood, Lynda Harper, Margaret and Eric Johnson, John Green, Mr and Mrs Jordan, Paul and Karen Aston, Jan and Tim Dodfield, Grace and Derek Elkington, Jo White, John and Sheralee Proctor, Julie and Paul Scofield, Merle Grice, Melanie Williams and Sandra and Ian Law.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.