Mr H. M. Collingwood

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MR Horace Michael Collingwood, of New Beacon Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 75.

Born in Grantham, his early years were spent in Great Gonerby. The family then moved to New Street, Grantham.

He was married at the age of 36 to Denise Briggs and they had two children, Jason and David. He is predeceased by his wife and son, Jason.

Mr Collingwood began work at Ruston and Hornsby as a trainee engineer and then as a pay clerk. He moved to British Rail, starting as a cleaner and went on to be a fireman on the steam engines and finally as a driver on diesel engines.

He kept an aviary until 10 years ago when ill-health prevented him from doing this. He also liked to watch old, classic films and read about railways.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Nicholas Kerry.

Family mourners included: David Collingwood, Tony Collingwood, Graham Collingwood, Jenny Collingwood, Linda Harper, Pamela Hughes, Rose Bellamy.

Other mourners included: Kevin Lucyszyn, Mr and Mrs M. Dolan, Mr H. Jackson, Judith Burnett, Denis Lee, Mark Collingwood, Julie King, Paul and Debbie Collingwood, Mr and Mrs B. Greasley, Julie Dowsett, Phil Cunnington, Ernie Chilvers, Frank and Vilma Bachelor, Heather and Jack Murphy, Kate and Tony Collingwood, Anne Truman, Geoffrey Truman, Linda Graves, Hewbert Edwards, Mr and Mrs V. J. Bachelor, Mr D. Harper, Jayne Moore, Yvonne Bellamy, Lindsey Bunn, Arthur and Adelle Glossop, Maureen and Geoff Caunt, Mark and Hayley Latham, Jean Cox, Sid Mann, John and Val Gurney, Mick Gibson, Denis Whitbread, Mike Tempest, Don Watson, GIlbert Sumner, George and June Fielding, John and Rita Plummer, Joan Phillips, Gilbert Harrison, Trevor Harper, Joan and Peter Lindley, Alan Bedells, Mr A. LeHair, Arthur Curtis, Gordon Lloyd, Steve Taylor, Pat Boyle, John Michael, John Dawson, Denis Burgoine, Maureen Massingham, Fred Harris, Ray Toomey, Jack Doyle, David Seward, Enid Collingwood, Ken Willets, Chris Hughes, Mark Hughes, Pam Hughes, Bev Hughes, Mr and Mrs Selby, Mr and Mrs Potts, Mr K. Carrott, Jenny Brown, Roy Veasey, Pete and Jackie Plummer, Mrs R. Bellamy, Jane Speechley, Gill and Mick Wotton, Dean Carter, Mr and Mrs Beecham, Joan Coyne, and Sarah and Steven Collingwood.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Grantham Mencap amount to £188.20 to date.