Mr I. J. Cox

Obit - Ian Cox
Obit - Ian Cox
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MR Ian Jonathan Cox, of University Court, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 46.

Born in Grantham, he was the third son of Janet and Barrie Cox. He was father to Jacob and Katie and brother to Adie, Nick and Stephen.

He attended Huntingtower Primary School until the family moved to Stamford, where he went to Bluecoats Primary School and Fane Secondary School. Later he trained as a chef at Grantham College.

The family moved back to Grantham and he worked at the Ram Jam Inn, Stretton, for approximately five years, followed by The Wheatsheaf in Long Bennington for around two years. He was then employed at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham for five years before taking up a position at Belvoir Castle. From 2007 he worked at HMP Stocken.

Mr Cox was a fan of Manchester United Football Club. He enjoyed watching Top Gear on television, music, socialising, cars, and spending time with his children.

The Rev June Rowland conducted the funeral service at St Anne’s Church, Grantham. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: Janet and Barrie Cox, Jacob and Katie Cox, Adie, Sarah and Adam Cox, Nick, Debbie and Lauren Cox, Stephen, Clare, Abi and Beth Cox and Liam Bainbridge and Julie Towning.

Other mourners included: Phil Tee, Sheelagh Matcham, Wendy Brown, Paul McCormack, Sheila Marshall, Pauline and Colin Stephens, Fiona Gilmore, David Lee, David Oswin, Emma Vicker, Paul Vicker, Darren Flack, Elaine Sheehan, Carl Porter, Danny Pinner, Jennifer Woodcock, Keith Harris, Tim Farmer, Tony Broadhurst, Fred Murad, Mr and Mrs Rutt, Miss M. Harrison, Tracie Bainbridge, Rosemary and Andrew Aldcroft, Susan and Roger Marjoram, Gina Halstead, Susanne Govan, Dean Wormall, Ray and Linda Wootton, David and Pip Setchell, Mr and Mrs Biddles, Rachel and Michael Maltby, Lee Shepherd, Debbie Rimmington, Lianne Redditch, Betty Elmer, Margaret Ashley, Rhi Clark, Sheila and Robert Osborne, Angela Clarke, Pauline Gibbs, Mark Freestone, Lisa Freestone, Mark Dey, Sharon Humphries, Martin Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Jenny Neale, Colin Scott, Margaret Summers, Lucinda Gamble, Samantha Quaile, Gail Shimmin, Nancy Ellerby, John Kilminster, Sandie Stafford, Kath Delehoyde, Iris Parkin, Mr E. Crow, Thelma Wakley, Roz Whaler, Chloe Whaler, Mary Treacy, Ann Tinkler, Neil and Debbie Tinkler, Mike Weston, Constance Dodd, Graham Smart, Russ Truman, Paola Mackinlay, Wendy Zijlstra, John O’Sullivan, Leigh Slatcher, Richard Sutherland, Paul Parkinson, David and Rose Neild, Dinah Rickwood, John Lloyd-Jones, Tina McKean, Paula Roe, Sue Taylor, Aunty Maureen, Uncle Barry and Dawn, Michael and Nancy Barker, Elaine Byron, Andrea Maltby, Jack and Judy Heald, Pete and Carol Gladdy, Steve Preston, Sue Smith, Steve and Amanda Maslin, Simon Auckland, Judy and David Maltby, Lisa Murphy, Mrs Joan Beale, Mrs Freda Slater, Betty Atter, Rosemary Philpotts, Joanna Prichard, George and Linda Dykes, Maureen Wood, Lynn and Alan Betts, Mr and Mrs Freestone, Mr McFarland, Silvia Chantry, Phil Johnson, Matthew Bridges, Harry and Nan Powell, Anne Clark, Sue Kelham, Nelson and Amber Porter, Lisa Farren, Ken Linford, Susanna Cox and Paul Cox.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for CJD Research amount to £744 to date.