Mr J. B. Smith

Obit - SMITH
Obit - SMITH
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MR James Brian Smith, of Earlesfield Lane, Grantham, has died in St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln. He was 70.

Born in Coalville, Leicestershire, he was from a travelling family. He spent his early life in a waggon and then a caravan, before settling in Grantham with his family.

A very friendly person, Mr Smith had many friends in both communities.

He worked as a general dealer and also worked on the land and he liked to tinker around with car engines.

His interests included fishing, gardening, car booting, his Jack Russell dogs and canaries.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel. Burial followed in Grantham Cemetery.

Family mourners included: Betty Smith, Carl Smith, Sharron Finney, Jasper and Chell Smith, Charles Smith, Vinnie Hagan, Corrina Smith, Dean McDonald, Kate and Simon Pestell, Brenden and Tanya Smith, Tina and Paul Carmen, Chris and Emma Matchett, Wendy Smith, John Matchett, Kevin Matchett, Diane Matchett, Roy Matchett, Billy Smith, Kerrie Matchett, Leanne Matchett, Abbey Matchett, Miley and Jaiden Smith, Shane and Tracy Matchett, Brandon, Jason Smith, Shelby Smith, Shakira Smith, Manchester McDonald, Carl Smith jnr, Charlotte and Gabbie Smith, Nathan Smith, Stacie Pestell, Ben Pestell, Sophie Pestell, Craig Smith, Lily and Evie Matchett, Dawn Matchett and Gemma, Aaron, Bethany, Tyler and Liam.

Other mourners included: Christopher Manning, Martha Manning, Shane Manning, David Finney, Fred Goodwin, Paul Adlington, Lynn Adlington, Bradley Adlington, John Price, John Finney, Amie Finney, Laura Carroll, Margaret and David Carroll, Vickie Carroll, Paul Grant, Tina Grant, Mick Hatcher, Steve Kilgallon, Mrs Credland, Julie Harrison, Brenda and Peter Smith, Jenny Winter, Pete Smith, Neil Carroll, Matt Cleg, Gary and Jane Smith, Michael Doncaster, Carol Doncaster, Terry Doncaster, Jason Bullimore, Sharma Bullimore, Tammy Kaptein, Mr and Mrs Footitt, Jackie Smith, Simon Grant, Sue, Andy and Gemma Goddard, George and Fides Finney, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr Greaves, Jack Webster, Tracy Carroll, Tyrone Webster, Ellen Smith, Charlene Smith, Albert Piers, Phillip Smith jnr, Phillip Smith, Nicola Smith, Yvonne Ferry, Sharon Cooper, Heather Gray, Jake Gill, Shannon Gill, Jake Simmons, Karen Smith, Lee Winter, Kirsty Wright, Roy Foster, Margarita Rattray, Roddy Rattray, Sheila Simpson, Susannah Williams, Christine Loveridge, Julie Gill, Mr Greetham, Mr and Mrs Jim Page, Mr Hamer, Mr E. Holmes, Edith Holmes, Tina Hamer, Eileen Harber, Charlene Harber, Jane Holmes, Mick and Beryl Winter, Tom and Josephine Loveridge, Jill Finney, Ray Gill, Dean Carroll, Walter Hopkins, Joe and Helen Hatfield, Eddie John, Henry and Reg Robshaw, John Hatfield, Fred and Bridie Hopkins, Sharron and Rocky Hopkins, Anne Marie and Lee Hopkins, Sooty Gaskin, Carl and CJ Andrews, John and Maxine Webster, Mark McDonald, Tracie McDonald, Troy McDonald, Sam, Mikey and Sam Smith jnr, Patrick, Claira, Chloe, Alfie, Eirran and Jodie Smith, Mary Smith, John and Helen Smith, Lee Smith and Joan Alderton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.