Mr J. Cavanagh

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MR Joseph Cavanagh, of Dryden Close, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 90.

Mr Cavanagh was born in Manchester. He outlived his four brothers.

During the Second World War he was posted to Grantham, and met Joyce, who became his wife. They raised four daughters. He outlived his daughter Jenny, who died in February 2010.

Mr Cavanagh worked as a night crane drive at Aveling Barford, Grantham, for 30 years. He had also worked for Marks and Spencer.

He enjoyed wine making, gardening, reading, watching television and attending the bingo session at the Church of the Ascension, Grantham. He liked to spend time with his daughters, whom he always put first.

The funeral service was held at Harrowby Lane Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev Peter Sulston. He was buried with his late wife Joyce.

Family mourners included: Muriel and John Wells, Josie and David Goulsbra, Len Stokes, Viv and Ian Bateman, Catherine and Paul Wells, Julian, Michelle Martin and Lucky Goulsbra, Barry Stokes, Nickie West, Sarah and Rachel Bateman, John and Sheila Turpie, David and Ian Turpie, Sheila Baker, Graham Baker, Doreen Towning, Janet Tanner, David and Lorraine Jones and Agnes Wright.

Other mourners included: Leanne, Annabelle and Rebecca Brocklesby, Mr and Mrs Watson, Gill and Bill Senescall, Edna Tinkler, Clair and Mick Phillips, Alan Coldron, June Humphries, Sue and Roger Rhodes, Kelly Dudley, Donna Smith, Ros and Stephen Yates, Ruby Stuckey, Greta Stratford, Maisy Goulsbra, Sue Myciuk, Dorothy and Kathryn Bateman, Mary Down, Jeanette Cook and Sue Smith.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for St Barnabas Grantham Hospice.