Mr J. F. Pearson

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MR John Francis Pearson, of Marston, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 78.

He was born in 1933 in Marston, the son of Tom and Mabel Pearson.

Mr Pearson attended Marston School until the age of 15, and from there he worked at home on the family farm with his father. He farmed in Marston for his whole life as both dairy and arable farmer.

When he started driving, he went to village dances and in 1958 he met Valerie at a dance in Ropsley. After getting married in 1959, he and Valerie settled at Glebe Farm on Stonepit Lane. They had three children, Jenny, Peter and Richard. In later years there were seven grandchildren and more recently two great-grandchildren.

One of his favourite hobbies was renovating and painting farm machinery. Cars were another great passion.

He also enjoyed gardening and going on coach holidays.

Mr Pearson was one of those people that once met, you always remembered. He was reliable, honest, and hard-working. He would try to help anyone out if he could.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Marston, conducted by the Rev Lilian Hall.

Family mourners included: Valerie Pearson, Jenny and Dick Gadd, Peter and Dawn Pearson, Richard and Sarah Pearson, Richard and Becca, Louise and Simon, David, Kathryn, Hannah, James and Amy and Jack and Leo.

Other mourners included: Colin and Ann Drury, George and Ann Griffin, Margaret Pearson and Desmond, Tony Wright, Derek and Joyce Ablewhite, Tony Critchley, Arthur Atkinson, John Webster, Graham and Chris Gressell, Colin and Molly Walton, Sue and Les Walton, Peter and Kath Gittin, Hazel Tebb, George and Carol Winter, Mr R. Hutchinson, Brenda Barnes, Beverley Garner, Bernadette Chalkin, Mr and Mrs I. Scott, Steven Parsons, Simon East, Ian Scotney, Mick Bradley, Brian White, John Thorold, Jeff Sharp, Rose Pell, Howard, Margaret and Robert Wright, Roger Bertt, Vic Farmer, Bob and Shirley Scott, Stephen Manuel, Ellen Drew, John Marvin, Mr and Mrs Creeden, Christine Butt, Janette Willetts, Ken Willetts, Lawrence Willetts, Duncan Andrew, Michael Bell, Geoffrey Bishop, John and Donna Haytree, Jeff Thompson, Stuart and Karen Short, Brenda Brown, Alan and Doreen Clarke, Robert Gray, Sara Yates, Mr and Mrs Ballam, David and Tina Pearson, Georgina and Oliver Pearson, Ray and Lucille Chesterton, Kim Shelton, Mavis Pearman, Mr and Mrs Gadd, Ann and Alan Butler, Daphne Morton, Amanda Sharman, Jonathan Sharman, Janet Sharman, Alan and Janet East, Christopher Sutton, David Hoyes, Margaret Lane, Jenny Giles, Caroline Tapley, Mr K. Ballaam, Sheila and Colin Jennings, Nancy Smith, Sue Hoyes, Pam Gibson, Ashley, Peter and June Clough, Billy Mills, Lindsay and Sarah Critchley, Charlotte Adams-Lane, Brenda Johnson, Doreen Drury, Alan Drury, Doris Wright, Barbara and Martin Pearson, John Crozier, Margaret Swatton, Mark Swatton, Neil Johnson, Peter and Anne Fox, John and Carole Fox, Penny and Mark Fox, Mr and Mrs Lange, Andrew and Shirley Watson, Colin and Marion Weightman, Mary and Roger Giles, Neil Wells, Ray and Pat Beal, Bob and Joan Ingamells, Chris Noon, Kelvin Broderick, Mr and Mrs J. Clingo, Dorothy Wright, Mr and Mrs Maddy, Alan and Ann Crowson, Jo Knight, Gloria Topps, Robin and Eileen Johnson, Rebecca Ronan, Tony Degiorgio, Connie Barnett-Mills, Mr and Mrs D. Fisher, Kevin Fisher, Andrew Davies, Stephen King, Malcolm and Liz Partridge, Colin Dickinson, Joan and John Parker, John and Janet Scrimshire, Gill Dennis, Pete Drury, Anne and Ross, John Ingamells, Helen and Michael Whincup, Douglas Pearman, Faith Ballaam, John and Janet Orrey, Cybil Howard, Mary Parnham, Alan Parnham, Mr and Mrs G. Degiorgio, Jane Forbes, Tom Hickson, Clive Swingler, Paul Brewin, Victor Kerr, Brent and Julie Richardson, Carol and Carole Wood, Clare Drury, Trevor and Jennifer Hare, Jayne and John Wright, Beryl and Nigel Patchett, Valerie and David Morrell, Brian and Valerie Crunkhorn, Heather and Brian Drew, Tracey Marsh, Carole Lorne, Mr and Mrs Gelsthorpe, Mrs Peberdy, Frazer Chamberlain, Jeremy Haywood, Paul and Angela Stone, Ann and John Hollingsworth, Sheila Hollingsworth, Maria and Niamh Cooney, Bob Clay, Jane Wright, Robin Wright, Val Higginson, Kathleen Drury, Josh Richardson, Daniella Richardson, John Hartwell, Robert Beckett, Ken Rainthorpe, Angela Parsons, John Gardener, Mr and Mrs T. Orrey, Helen Feast, Susie Mathieson, Jill Shillaker, Julian Carter, Viv Lavender, A. Gillett, Robert Nesbitt, Paula Gray, Rebecca Smithson, Fiona Elliott, Richard Pearson, Andrew and Rosemary Connor, Anne Street, Simon Ward, Michael and Rose Hill and Joan and Jane King.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Cancer Research and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance amount to £1,093.10 to date.