Mr J. J. Bond

Obit - BOND
Obit - BOND
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MR Joseph James Bond, of Signal Road, Grantham, has died. He was 78.

He was born in Surlingham, Norfolk, and spent all his working life in farming.

Mr Bond was interested in animals, especially working sheepdogs.

Canon Andrew Hawes conducted the funeral service at St Mary Magdalene Church, Old Somerby.

Other than the immediate family, mourners included: Elizabeth Udo, Mrs S. Udo, Richard Udo, Chris Skelton, Pete Norris, Yolanda Martin, Audrey Guy, Mavis Bolton, Rob Palframan, Nicky Wilcox, Mrs Gathercole, Sarah Gathercole, Mr and Mrs Grocott, Mr S. Udo, Miss L. Young, Sue and Bernie Norton, Denise DeBank, John and Mavis Croft, Hilary Petitt, George Gaskin, Kevin Wilson, G. Holden, Angela Grimwood, David Dodd, Simon Bond, Peter Clarke, Margaret and Ted Cherrill, Tim Radley, Marjorie Radley, Norma Radley, Lindsay Radley, Vanessa Kynston, Jean Wordsworth, Richard Udo, Liz Robb, Tim Lovelace, Justin Trunks, Liz Watson, Mr J. Gelsthorpe, Gerald Speakman, Colin, Emma Walker, Richard Bloodworth, Doreen and Colin Abbs, John McRae, Annette Foley-Craigen, Terry Claxton, Linda and David Green, Mr and Mrs Williams, Rod Dunk, Cynthia Flemming, Janet and Denis Manton, Gemma Martin, Finn Hoggan, Lee Lovelace, Sue and Brian Horner, Kate Wagle, Mr and Mrs I. Topps, Grace Baker, Jock Keaveney, Brian Truesdale, Nigel Scarborough, Freda Scarborough, Myra and Peter Jackson, Clive and Peggy Mayes, Kate Hough, Rose Baker and Harry Baker, Les Baker, Russell Cann, Gerry and Mary Beattie, Quita Jenkinson, Emma Barlow, Julie Barlow, Jamie Finn, Sandra Hind, A. Wilcox, Andrew and Debra Parker and Tom Blake,

A burial service took place at St Andrew’s Church, Field Dalling, Norfolk, conducted by the Rev Whittle, attended by family members and friends from the Grantham area.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.