Mr J. T. Maddock

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MR Jon Thomas Maddock, of Cedarwood Close, Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 59.

The son of Joan and Bill Maddock, he was educated at Bluecoat and Exeter Schools in Stamford, and Grantham College.

He became a trainee bricklayer at Stamford Construction. Mr Maddock then worked at Newage International. He enjoyed being outside and worked as a labourer in the building trade before becoming a digger driver.

For many years he worked for Welland Construction and Hinch Plant and Contractors and was very well-known and popular with all the builders in Stamford and the surrounding area.

He was the partner of Anne Cliffe and has a son, Adrian.

Mr Maddock was a huge man, 6ft 7in tall and 26 stone and his interest in strength events led him to train with Geoff Capes. Later he specialised in pulling aeroplanes, trains and lorries with his teeth. He became known as Mighty Molars and broke many world records in these events. On one occasion he lifted Barry Mcguigan (then a champion boxer) on a swin with his teeth.

Mr Maddock gave his time willingly to perform at charity events, raising funds for them. He was a much-loved Stamford character who always liked to joke and make people laugh.

He was interested in most sports, especially boxing, weight-lifting, F1 racing and speedway. He liked 4x4 off-roading and riding his trike to motorcycle events such as the Bull Dog Bash.

The funeral service was held at Christ Church, Green Lane, Stamford, conducted by the Rev David Oxtoby. Burial followed in Stamford cemetery.

Family mourners included: Anne Cliffe, Adrian Cliffe (Natasha, Romy, Sophie and Peter), Gill Tarrant (David), Barry Maddock (Jean), Michael Maddock, Dean Maddock (Marianne and Finn), Christopher and Jo Maddock, Esme and Terry Gray, Bob and Joy Helstrip, Philippa and Keith Joyce, Nigel Tarrant (Jane, Charlotte, Elizabeth and William), Hayley and Paul Jackson, Steven Maddock (Lauren and Eleanor), Drs Mandy and Rob Swann (William and Charlie), Rachel and Gary Towell, Robert and Clare Maddock (Scarlet and Ethan), Martin and Elaine Maddock, Andrew and Ryka Maddock, Charlotte and Hannah Rasmussen (Brian, Sebastian and Celina), Victoria Maddock, Matthew Maddock (Simon), Lucy Maddock and Jim Blunt, Adam and Jordane Maddock (Finn and Seth), Joanne and Stephen Franklin, Claire Helstrip and Stuart Norton, Hannah and Simon Joyce, Luke Helstrip (Meg), Kevin Makin and family, Carl Crisp and Tracey Williams (Mr and Mrs T. C. Ellis), Beverley and Andrew Marvell, Tom Marvell and family, Katie Parvel and partner, Christine McClarnon (Paul, Rachel and family), Neil McClarnon (Lesley, Henry and Eve), Pat and Clive Crisp (Andrew, Justin and Jamie), Colin Crisp (Johnny Crisp), Amy Parker (Linda Reeve), Liam Crisp, Bill Pauley, Charmaine and Keith Barwell, Colin and Nip Helstrip (Marie Helstrip and family), Joan Hayre (Deborah, Beverley and cousins), Pauline Witey (Roger).

Other mourners included: Jane and Graham Smith, Timothy Radley, Lou Burnett, Victor Cousins, Elaine and Harvey Gilbert, Rachel and Mark Smith, Chris Robinson, Bub Jackson, Jane Kingman and John Parr, Junior (Cahill family), Adrian Rand), Collin Russon, Denise and John Towell, Mark Knighton, Chris Laughton, Graham Halsall and family, Alan Duddridge, Steve Musgrove, Roger Brown, Karen Brown, Wayne Jones, Brian Skip Saunders, Digger and Sue Lamb and Paul, Alec and Renee Burt, Daniel Mansbridge, Geoff Bull, Pam Bull, Geoff Bull Jnr, Dickie Elliot, Roger Sharpe, Fred Alexander, Christine and Jim Armstrong, Emma and Nathan, Gwen Gutteridge and the Pollard family, Dale and Emma, Frank Knight, Jason Harman, David and Wendy Waters, Kev Cramp, Shaun Batty and Alison Durrant (Cheesy Wardle), Gordon and Sue Pooley, Julie, Paul, Luke and Irvana Child-Freeman/Freear, Diane, April and Bridie Wilkinson/Freear, Robert and Margaret Marvell, Andy and Giva Laird, Steve Lilley, Kelvin Copp, Kev Freestone, Marcus Pugh, John (top) Giddings, Richard (Cheddar) Chambers, Jane Howard, Richard Hopkins, John Buttress, Pearl and Sarah Veasey, Alan Brown, David Harte, Trevor Stubbs, Lynda Scotton, Amanda Gerbino, Michael and Janet Singleton, Edward Jones - Taff, Iddy Jones, Syndey Littlehales, Josie Smith, Christina Laughton, Sylvia and Viv Harrison, Teri Sharpe and Dave Ball, Spike Aspinall, Stephen Brumpton, Martyn Aspinall, Dick Morley, Mr and Mrs G. Healey, Neil Cower, Korky, Micky B, Derek Bates, Mick Fountain, Johnny Mears, Steve Earl Ritz, Mr and Mrs L. Kirby, B. Graham, Jane Wells, Gary Gray, Buck, Blair Heyden, Kate Grey, Barry Hough, Robert Connell, Sean Connell, John Hicks, Kashy (Geoff Capes), Jim Jarvie, Ian Jarvie, Barry and Judi Hyland, Vince Smith, Wes and Jenny Smith, A. Durrant, Jill Durrant, Nigel Young, Peter Norris, Francis and Delphine Harris, Deanna Harris, Pat Kavanagh, Richard Eric Clarke, Pat and Baron Sharpe, Jim and Sue Sharples, Ian Taylor, John Healey, David Nicholls, Alfie Cuschieri, Steve and Denise Keegan, Colin Howard, Tony Uff, Pudy, Tom Parker, Rachel Cope, Ozzie Cope, Allan Baker, Mike Martin, Joe Sorbi, Paul Gale, Keith and Sheila Archer, Kath Heyden-Dale, Steve Travis, Paul and Denise Chappell, Colin Eassom, Dave and Jo Templeton, Sue Parker and Pugsey family, Adam, Judith and Amy Nagy, Lyn and Simon Frisby, Sandra and Fred Lunn, Andy and Rose Alcroft, Julie Maughton, Breda-Rae Griffin, David Martin, Mick White, Donna Harman, Russ and Cindy Harman, Andrew and Allison Hinch, Jackie and Dave Vines, Sue Cooper, Christine and Keith (Moose) Brown, June and Tucker Spencer, John Kell, Gary A. Musgrove, Julie Tomblin, Andy McAllister, D. Waldron (Jock), Nigel McHugh, Bill Carmichael and Pat Walker, Tana Parish and Louisson, Mark Edwards, along with many other friends and colleagues.

Funeral arrangements were by Andrew Woodhouse Funeral Director, Casterton Road, Stamford.