Mr J. W. H. Truesdale

Obituary - Truesdale
Obituary - Truesdale
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Mr John William Henry Truesdale, known as “Trousers”, of Tennyson Avenue, Grantham, has died at home. He was 69.

Mr John William Henry Truesdale, known as “Trousers”, of Tennyson Avenue, Grantham, has died at home. He was 69.

He was born in Stoke Rochford, the son of Harry and Elsie Truesdale, and is survived by his siblings, Richard and Carol.

Mr Truesdale had worked at Williams Brothers and Grantham Electrical Engineering.

His interests included his dog, Bruno, football, Rock ‘n’ Rolland aeroplanes.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Richard Truesdale, Sue Mason, Carol and Simon Kettleborough, Carol Hughes, Dennis Turner, Bruno (his dog), Clare Truesdale, Kirsty Truesdale, Keiran Turner, Susan Kettleborough, Paula Morena, Joanne and Bob, Jonjo Kettleborough, Mr and Mrs M. Hughes and sons, Mr and Mrs J. Hughes.

Other mourners included: Terry and Susan Quanborough, Edwin Bellamy, G. Craft, Peter Price, Podge Turner, Denis Clay, Janet and Dennis Green, Bill Gent, Stuart Gent, Graham and Louise Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jason Dodwell, Trevor Atter, David Hewerdine, Alan Crunkhorn, Mr and Mrs E. Berridge, John McAllister, Mr K. Ablewhite, Eric Pashley, Mr A. Woods, Rosina Armitage, Mr M. Chevalier, Mr and Mrs N. Patterson, Mr R. Hempsall, Owen Miller, John Dickinson, Garth Williams, Pete Williams, Nigel Milne, Trevor Milne, Brian Johnson, Gordon Bremner, Stuart Normington, Mick and Paula Gibson, Graham and Maureen Dawson, Tom and Mary Whittaker, Keith and Pam Swain, Steve Smedley, Brian Duller, Mr and Mrs T. Carey, Michael Gallagher, Martin Kelly, Tony Eldred, Greg Coulton, John Wright, Jerry Hart, Gemma Gee, Jim Touze, Jim McMillan, Denis Atter, Pete Down, Mr and Mrs C. J. Barrett, Phillipa Jones, Vince Eager, Peter Meadows, Mr and Mrs Blakey, Gill and Kay Harrison, Richard Crane, Paul Atkinson and Barbara Cooper, Nev and Sue Squires, Peter and Ann Hoyes, Tony Atkin, Richard Marriott, John Tear, Trevor and Carole Leeson, Margaret and Victor Brooks, Colin Lawson, Alan Dolby, Pete and Christine Eaton, Mr and Mrs M. Kirk, Mick Ward, Gill Burrows, Mr and Mrs Copestake, Ron Tindale, Jim Morris, Shiana Moore, George Fielding, Sid Lawrence, Anthony Ablewhite, James Mann, Mr and Mrs G. Self, Sue and Tony Waddington, John and Maureen Oliver, Geoff and Sandra Pulfrey, Gerald and Pauline Saddington, Ann Brice, Val Kimmings, Susan Flear, Tony Baines, Harold Hare, Stan Matthews, Mr and Mrs R. Money, Lee Ward, Luke Bointon, Jeffrey Watmore, Stephen West, Beryl Latter, Roger Latter, Irene Caulton, Ray Benton, Wendy Storey, Graham Caulton, Daniel Hughes, Jason Hughes, Kirsty Kyberd, Courtney Hill, Charlie Hughes, Elaine Hughes, Dione Hughes, Pete Stedman, Mick Dickinson, Rosie Dickinson, Grace Ford, Peter Meadows, Mrs Fahy, Luke Fahy, Shirley Ward, Gilbert Sumner, David Page, Derrick Watt, Les Tindale, Beckie Ferguson, Mary Down, Mrs Gannon, Nigel Lawson, Michael Thompson, Tony Mahoney, Anthony Bailey, Tony Hind, Susan Patterson, Sylvia Chantry, Kelly Taylor, Trevor Chappell, Clive Arms-Rawden, Mr and Mrs Sorrell, John and Pat Pinchbeck, Keith Edwards, Boo Murphy, Fviukgk Kia, Fmdzdnj Nissaiy, Marie Scothern, Margaret Scothern, Liz Fearnley, Vic Mark, Bobby Horner, Paul Hardman, Bob Mitchell, Phil Duffy, Keith and Amanda Parker, Paul Leadenham, Paul Green, Jim McCann, Dave Curtis, Derrick Chambers, Alan Bennett, Phil Brumby, Nick Richardson, David Robinson, Brian Meadows, Marshall Fryer, Mary Woods, Ina Edwards, Ann Pepper, Janet Potts, Dick Pridding, David Wand, Dennis Key, Phil and Polly Brazil, Rosemary and Dennis Squires, Dominic and Carole Piggott, Vivian and Sam Leake, David Swain, Dot and Robin Taylor, Mr and Mrs Savage, Colin and Marion Abbott, Mick King, Val Taylor, Steve Pilgrim, Dennis White, Brian Church, Terry Saxby, Susan and Graham Stevens, Sally Evans, Hugh Evans, Gill Jones, Godfrey and Margaret Mackinder, Roy and Sue Done, Mr and Mrs H. Peel, Mr and Mrs R. Green, Christopher and Maureen Amos, Maureen and David DeBank, Russ Perkins, Mr and Mrs C. Cannon, John Hill, Ron Frisby, Mr and Mrs Parker, Mr A. Podam, Mr and Mrs Clapton, Pete and Julie Geeson, Mel and Jan Elkington, Stuart Amos, Mr and Mrs Wallis, Peter Chappell, Trevor Mitchell, Richard Hart, Mervin Norman, Andrew and Sarah Downs, Richard Hipkiss, Kate Hipkiss, Chris Calpin, Ryan Booth, Mr and Mrs Atter, Paul Herbert, Christine and Gordon Herbert, Mr J. Clark, Keith Hart, Bill Pirle, Kevin Dowaghety, Jim Smith, J. Bennett, Danny Mackindle, Jim Rodgers, Andy Clackin, Box, Phil and Penny Truesdale, Marian Truesdale, Ann, Auntie Mae, Dot and Robin Taylor.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Help for Heroes amount to £500 to date.