Mr J. W. Sutton

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MR John William Sutton (Bill), of Bottesford, has died at home. He was 84.

Born in Bottesford, in June 1928, he was the eldest son of the late Bill and Millie Sutton and brother of Robin. Robin has also predeceased him.

He was educated at Bottesford Primary School until the age of 14, when he left to start work as an apprentice joiner at W. J. Roberts. He used to cycle to Grantham, to attend night school at the former Boys’ Central School on Sandon Road, where he obtained his City and Guilds in Joinery.

Mr Sutton loved singing and so it came as no surprise that he became a member of the church choir until his voice broke.

He joined the 1936 Squadron Air Training Corps at Newton and remained there until he was 17.

Mr Sutton was employed by Stevens of Barkestone-le-Vale, and he used to cycle all over the Vale of Belvoir with his tool bag on the handlebars, and if cricketing in the evening, he would dash home in time for the game.

He also worked for Spooners (Hull) Limited, travelling all over the country supervising the building of schools. After several years he returned to Bottesford, to be employed by Ken Greasley.

For the last 23 years of his working life he worked as a civilian joiner at HMP Whatton, a job he thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr Sutton was loyal, dependable and hard working and over the years many have benefited from his quality workmanship and generosity. When it came to work, everything had to be perfect, he never rushed into things and there were never any comebacks.

He played football for Bottesford, Bingham and Redmile, but his football career was cut short due to a knee injury. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was linesman for Woolsthorpe Rovers Football Club, earning the title of Linesman of the Year in 1971.

Mr Sutton loved music, especially organ music, and on various occasions he visited certain venues to hear his favourite organists, namely Klaus Wunderlich and Phil Kelsall.

He enjoyed walking, especially around the village, meeting people and looking at the changes being made. He enjoyed holidaying with friends and family, his favourite areas being Snowdownia in North Wales and Yorkshire, particularly Scarborough.

A love of most sports, cricket was his number one. He played for Bottesford, Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir, HMP Whatton and also various teams in the area, even taking time off work to do so. He was a member of Woolsthorpe Cricket Club for over 40 years and for the last 14 years held the official title of chairman. After his playing career ended he returned to Bottesford and took up umpiring. He became their official umpire on the panel of the South Notts Cricket League for 10 years until he was 82 years old, during which time he made a lot of friends. He was made an honorary life member of both Woolsthorpe and Bottesford Cricket Clubs.

It was while he was playing for Woolsthorpe that he met his wife, Barbara, and they were married in September 1958, starting married life in Muston, where in 1962 their son, Godfrey was born. In December 1962 they moved to Easthorpe and lived there for seven years before moving to Silverwood Road.

In 1985 he became a proud grandparent when Glenn was born, followed by Faye the next year. His life revolved around his grandchildren, always interested in what they were doing, always willing to transport them wherever they needed to be. His family was his life.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Bottesford.

Family mourners included: Barbara Sutton, Godfrey Sutton and Lynne Bradshaw, Glenn Sutton and Emma Fryer, Faye Sutton, Brian Stubley, Ann and Michael Cragg, Paul Cragg, Marc Cragg, Sheila Sutton, Nick Sutton, Steve Sutton, Peggy Girdlestone, Joan Draper and Enid and Maurice Lowe.

Other mourners included: Ryan Lewis (Belvoir Cricket Club), Roger Towers (Radcliffe on Trent CC), Jean Bradshaw, Robert Bradshaw, Ron King, Paddy and John Williams, Peter and Pam Jackson, Dave Warburton, Ray and Florence Pritchett, Alan Pritchett, Don Pritchett, Robert and Jill Evans, Ralph and Jane Bellamy, Jonathan D’Hooghe, Dennis and Joan Kirk, John Pyper, Maurice Briggs, John (Jack) Brown, Charles and Eleanor Scaffield, Alasdair and Sid Culpin, S. R. Ward, James Ward, Antony and Helen Ablewhite, Pat and Helen Poyser, John Wilkinson and Olive Baker, Brian and Anne Durant, Helen Farmer, Terry Saxby, “Alec” Alexander, Marion Stuart, Kev Wade, Daniel Javed, Helen Miller, Daniel Robinson, James Morris, Mick Pacey, Pauline and Joey Taylor, Betty Topps, Ian Hewson, Ray Hewson, Gill and Brian Silverwood, Gerald Pedge, Ian and Joan Norris, Andrew and Sally Morley, Steve and Mary Morley, Ryan and Jake Hutchinson, Jake Fisher, Andy Norris, Ellen and John Howitt, Neville and Jill Bagnall, John and Shirley Beardsley, Mr and Mrs J. Reek, Angela Kapellar, Joyce Smith, Kathleen Panter, Audrey Pacey and Robin Pacey, Dominic Young, Phil Sutton, Mark and Lorraine Hutchinson, Stephen and Sarah Hutchinson, Kenneth and Rosemary Pacey, B. Wood, Bruce and Carole Rawlings, Ken Roberts, Michael Hix, Dick Willis, John and Frances Stapleton, May Jallands, John and Rosamond Payne, Jim Foster, Patrick King, Brian and Irene Gadsby, Eric Crow, Meg Chappell, Charlotte Bugg, Jim Coddington, Herbert Plummer, Zoey Moore, Peter and Peggy Topps, Michael Haskins, Lee Fazackerley, David Allen, Brian Towsey, Dixie Wakefield, Alan Hodgkinson, Mick Kidd, Bob Roworth, Pete Robinson, Norman Ryan, Jean Gregory, Kevin Gregory, Stephen Morda, Keith and Hilary Grummitt, Paul and Sylvia Adlington, Bill and Dot Brown, Tony Gostick, John and Pauline Goodson, Mike and Christine Saunders, John Topps, Helen Johnson, Chris and Dennis Pridmore, Arthur Gamble, Brenda and Harry Gilbet and Gail, Eric Pashley, Cameron Corkett, Steve Hines, Martin Fazackerley, Simon Silverwood, Nicholas Silverwood, Bernard and Carole Hawes, Simon Claricoats and Melvin and Glenys Claricoats.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for The Belvoir Vale Surgery amount to £640.34 to date.