Mr J. Wainwright

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MR Jack Wainwright, of Grimsthorpe, had died at home. He was 90.

Born at Coston, Leicestershire, he was the second eldest in a family of six born to John and Dorothy Wainwright. Life in his early years was very hard. His interest in the land came to him very early as he was growing up. All his life was spent in Lincolnshire.

He married Bertha in 1946 in Burton Coggles, which became their home. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2006.

They had six children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

His vast knowledge of the countryside led him to become a gamekeeper which was his chosen profession for about 45 years. He has made a lasting impression on his family, with sons and a great grandson sharing his vast knowledge of the land and gamekeeping.

In 1977 his job brought him first to Tower Farm, Grimsthorpe, and then to Rose Cottage, where he retired after working for the Grimsthorpe Estate.

His hobby of gardening and the land stayed with him always. It was during his more leisurely time that he took an interest in dominoes, playing for a pub team in Corby Glen and winning many cups and trophies which he displayed with pride.

Canon Andrew Hawes conducted the funeral service at Edenham Church. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Bertha Wainwright, Elizabeth Andrews, Sylvia Gearing, Peter and Ann Wainwright, Martin and Jo Wainwright, Tim and Gina Wainwright, Christopher Wainwright, Vicky and Ian Richardson, Nicola Bennett and Lee Wainwright, Tracy and Derek Peters, Natasha Read, Sam and Jen Wainright, Ben and Rachel Wainwright, Kate and Ben Wainwright and Jodie, Gareth and Rebekah Peters, Michael and Ethan Lampty, Don Wainwright, Ralph Wainwright, Nora, John and Pam Watson, Olive, Mervin, Ted, Mary and Linda Wainwright, Dorothy and Janet, Kenneth and Margaret, Anne, Philip and Benjamin Muirhead, Robert and Carole, Michael and Christopher, Jennifer Hare, Carol and Peter Franklin, Arthur and Sheila Johnson, Ted Gearing, John and Una Bee, Simon and Ann Baile, Tim Baile, Nicholas Baile, Ian and Maureen Justice, Colin and Dorothy Cree and Andrew and Ken Shepherd.

Other mourners included: Rosemary and Michael Wilson, Philip Bee, Christine Bee, Brian Lawrance, Roger Jackson, E. Robinson, M. Halsey, W. H. Austin, Derek Hand, Glenys Peeling, Sheila and Reg Marriott, Ruth Atter, Barry Kay, Julie Stoodley, Richard Blessett, Trevor Thompson, Tim and Ruth Clarke, John Key, Jean and Stephen Joyce, Doris Bee, Frank Bradley, Judy Joyce, Lee and Mike Fielder, Fay Tyennan and Carmel Tamburrino.

Funeral arrangemenets were by T. R. Carlton Funeral Directors, Abbey Road, Bourne.