Mr L. Lister

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MR Leonard Lister (Len), has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 90.

Born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, he was the only child of Lily and John Lister, a local dairy farmer. He attended school in Worksop.

The family moved to Norwell Woodhouse, and it was here that Mr Lister met a young land girl called Susi, who was working on a neighbouring farm. They were married in Southwell in 1945. Their first daughter, Margaret, was born in 1947.

The family were then living at Eady’s Farm, Barkestone Lane, where Mr Lister continued working with his father, mainly driving and mechanical works. When his parents moved to Cromwell, he and Susi remained in Bottesford, moving to The Nook, Pinfold Lane, where their second daughter, Janet was born in 1952. In 1953 they moved to Easthorpe.

In 1955 he had a bad accident which ended his farming career. He took up plumbing and became employed by William Roberts. From there he moved to Stepnells and then worked for Melton Council as a technical officer until he retired in 1985.

Mr Lister has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

The funeral service was held at Bottesford Methodist Chapel, conducted by the Rev Richard Tanner. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Susi Lister, Janet and Mick Greenhalgh, Sarah and David Bates, Kerry and Leon Waters, Brett McAteer, Jason McAteer, John and Barbara Wheen, Timothy Wheen, Katherine Wheen, James Bates, Charlotte Bates, Dexter Waters, Penelope Waters and Harri Vogel.

Other mourners included: Lana, Pete and Barbara Norris, Bill Burrows, John and Pauline Goodson, Sylvia Adlington, Dan Glover and Jane Kilby, Josephine Doubleday, Annette Marples, Adam Hickling, Alistair Yates, Sharon yates, Mim Forsey, Stan Taylor, Heather Bond, Tony Rogers, Sheila Murphy, John Denny, Karen Ballinger, David Roderick, Louise Hodson, Toni Vann, Jakki Jardine, Cilla Palul, Len Hamer, Tonya and Mick Pacey, Irene Smith, Molly Ford and Frances, Terence and Valerie Marriott, Reg and Eileen Boyce, Joy and John Simpson, Elizabeth Burrows, Christine and Mike Saunders, Margaret Waudby, Michael and Yvonne Cook, Peter and Peggy Topps, Glenys Claricoats, Edna Taylor, Eunice Greasley, Graham and Glenys Bradshaw, Mu and Vic Martin, John McCarthy, Lucy McCarthy, Sheron McCarthy, R. and F. Pritchett, Ivy McElroy, Margaret Harmon, Gerald and June Pedge, Margaret Worley, Mary Fairclough and Elizabeth Ockleshaw, Graham Smith, G. Mills, John Grey, Ken Roberts, Nancy Clutterbuck, Derek Clutterbuck, Daphne Cassidy, Joy Taylor, Sandy Beevers, Margaret Langton, Sue Wilkinson and Robin Baker, James Veitch, Helen Taylor, David Murphy, D. R. Taylor, Gerald Reid Taylor, Teresa and Malcolm Fuller, Elaine Moulds, Jos, W. Dyer, Frank and Janet Kyle, Marion and Bob Cole, Charlotte A. Bugg, Thomas White, Joyce Smith, Jean and Arthur Gamble, Mr M. Gamble, Miss L. Gamble, Frank Wilinson and C. S. Taylor.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for Cancer Research UK amount to £494.46 to date.