Mr M. Booker

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MR Maurice Booker, of Branston, has died in Nottingham City Hospital. He was 89.

One of three brothers and two sisters, he lived in Branston all his life.

Mr Booker worked in farming until the Second World War when he worked for the WarAg, an essential profession, where he worked clearing snow and doing other necessary tasks, and on local oil rigs and further afield. After the war he returned to farming until he retired.

He spent a short time running The Wheel at Branston.

Work was a huge part of his life and he had many good friends through work and during what spare time he had, he enjoyed gardening and he also looked after the churchyard. Mr Booker was a valued part of the local community in a quiet way.

He was a widower, his wife, Florence, predeceased him in 1995.

The Rev Rowena Bass conducted the funeral service at St Guthlac’s Church, Branston. Burial followed next to Florence in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Marjorie Booker, Margaret Smith, Kath Waplington, Tony Booker and Maggie Jenks, Michael and Zofia Booker, Pat McConnell, Maureen and Andy Greaves, John and Mary Booker, Peter Booker, Mary Onezine, Sally and Patrick Smith, John and Sarah Smith, Margaret and Nick Lee, Sue Garland, Keith McConnell, Theresa Booker, Stephen Booker, Richard Booker and Claire Carrington, James Samuel, Rachel Samuel, Deborah Jacques and Simon Laywood.

Other mourners included: Susanna and Jan Woroniec, John and Dorothy Flintham, Victoria and Patsy Bradley, Ron Wells, Barbara Faulks, Jean Stubbs, Annette Smart, Vera Holden, Freda Hart, Margaret Hallam, Blanche Hubbard, Berenice Haynes, Daphne Renshaw, David Kirk, Dennis Kirk, Susan Wells, Mr and Mrs J. Fraser, and Michael Barker.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations were received for Branston Church.