Mr M. Walsh

Obit - WALSH
Obit - WALSH
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MR Martin Walsh, of Uplands Drive, Grantham, has died aged 71.

He was born in Achill Sound, County Mayo, Eire, on November 8, 1939 and was educated at the local convent school.

He is survived by his siblings - Mamie Flanagan and Jim Walsh both live in St Marys, Ontario, Canada, while sister Joan Reilly lives in Luton, Bedfordshire, and brother Paddy lives in Grantham.

After surviving a burst appendix at the age of 10, Mr Walsh went on to become a very accomplished Gaelic footballer and was a member of the Achil Island team which won the Mayo County Juvenile Championship in 1954.

He met his wife, Nellie, and they moved to England where they had five children, Mary, Barbara, Linda, Martin and Michael, and 13 grandchildren.

Mr Walsh worked in the construction industry for the majority of his working life.

He enjoyed socialising with his many friends and family, he loved western films and reading.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, conducted by Father Anthony Dolan, followed by a burial at Grantham Cemetery.

Family mourners included: Mary Maguire, Barbara Ellis, Linny Longman, Daryl Longman, Martin and Jayne Walsh, Michael and Helen Walsh, Jonathan Barrat, Karl Barratt, Kayleigh Barratt, Adam Ellis, Molly Ellis, Charlotte Maguire, Bethany Maguire, Shannon Walsh, Niamh Walsh, Liam Walsh, Niall Walsh, Lauren Walsh, Paddy and Mary Walsh, Steven Walsh, Siobhan Walsh, Bridget Mills, Christine Mills and Shane and Heather.

Other mourners included: Joseph Conboy, June Conboy, Aaron Conby, Charlie McGarvey, Michael O’Boyle, Kathleen and Patricia O’Boyle, Bridget Hall, Bib Ewing, Jackie Pell, Mr. Walsh, Ray Measures, John Robertson, Sue Haigh, Frank O’Boyle, Andy Dixon, Paul Ironmonger Jr, Alice Robinson, Ray O’Boyle, Cherie O’Boyle, Connor Dixon, Kieron Dixon, Mick Dixon, Remy Simon, Annette Smith, Debbie Adlington, Gary Ellis, Stephen and Jules O’Boyle, Toni Prestley, Joe and Jan Walsh, John McAllister, Wayne McDonald, Mick and Bernie Gray, Martin Meenaghan, Andy Abbott, Sarah O’Boyle, Julie O’Boyle, Elisha Turner, Lynne Elkington, Christine Mik, Lisa Gibson, Christine Cundy, John Angeloni, Marlene Jackson, Deborah Walsh, James Page, Haley Walsh, LT, Mary Walsh, David Walsh, Joan Riley, John Riley, Mary Riley, Sophie Dodwell, Rosann Dodwell, Karen Dodwell, Nora Conneely, Martin Riley, Hugh Riley, Mick Conway, Vic Davenport, Steve and Sheila Squires, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Mr and Mrs Hunt, Mr Russ Wilkinson and Jim McGurk.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations received by St Barnabas, Grantham Hospice.