Mr N. D. Vernon

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MR Nigel Derek Vernon, of Main Road, Barkston, has died at home. He was 70.

He was born in Liverpool.

Mr Vernon had worked in the housing department at South Kesteven District Council and Corby Borough Council. He had also been parish clerk for Ancaster.

His interests included golf, eating out and walking his dogs.

The Rev Jim Farley conducted the funeral service at St Nicholas Church, Barkston. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Fammily mourners included: Linda Vernon, Michael Vernon, Michelle Vernon-Way, Nina Vernon, Tasha, Danielle, Luke, Lauren, Jo, Ruby, Issy, Oscar, Henry, David, Mark and Brenda.

Other mourners included: Paul and Lorraine Willoughby, Phil and Leslie Rann, Denise Gascoigne, Kirsty Dickens, Jane Renfrew, Alwyn Marshall, Bill Wilson, Martin Gibbs, Ray Wilson, Pepi Halliday, Jo Watson, Julie Cooper, Steve Cullington, Jo Manley, Malcolm and Sonia Townson, Derek and Margaret Way, John and Jo Kelly, Elizabeth Duncan, Tony Spencer, Susan and Phil Stannard, Jill Hawkins, Ian Hutchinson, Trevor Johnston, Jim Peach, John and Jen Bottomley, Alan Rowell, Mr B. Gibson, Mr S. Gibson, the Rev J. Farley, Roma Farley, Mr and Mrs R. Cann, Brian and Jean Kirton, Robert Spruth, Eric and Carole Otterburn, Craig and Marie Marratt, Geoff Paddock, Nigel Stanley, Janet Baker, Ian and Carol Bradford, Adrian Johnson, Jade, Marie and Helen Wyles, Alan Park, Philip Strawson, Peter Connor, Gordon and Helen Lynch, Pat Hill, Neville Peatman, John Everett, Simon Butler, James Mason, Coun Ray Wootten, Linda Wootten, Martin Strawson, Terry Johnson, Natasha Vernon, Lauren Bellamy, Danielle Bellamy, Luke Bellamy, Glenys Bellamy, Bill Scott, Julie Burton, John Burton, Freda Scott, Tim Scott, Thomas Scott, Neil Shay, Sue Evans, Fiona Illingworth, John Ingamells, Keith and Philip Boyfield, Mark Jasinski, Alex Vowles, Deborah Powell, Jo Gladwin, Karen Chevalier, Peter Martin-Mayhew, Alan Makevit, Alan Newton, Mark Bellamy, Philip Bryan, Mr and Mrs Copestake, David Armes, Keith and Gill Corner, John and Ann Draper, Frank Bachelor, Carrie James, John and Louise Ancliffe, Mr R. Hutchinson, Ray and Gwen Clark, Lynn Thomas, Hilton and Liz Moses, Victor Kerr, Andre Finney, Amanda Mumby, Pam Mumby, Sheila Ancliffe, Clive Dowman, John Wright, Mr and Mrs P. Coaten, Kate Hutton, Ginny Hutton, Elizabeth Walters, Jamie Atter, Simon Williams, James P, Brian Rumbold, Nigel Parker, Jonathan Bishop, Chris and Jane Bennett, Lisa Walker, Douglas Telford, John and Sandra Kaveney, Martin Aspland, Barbara Campbell, Gail Talton, Margaret Smith, Graham Saville, Mr and Mrs Jeffrey, Bridget Hankison, Mike Robinson, Julie Dorling, Jane Pearsey, Mr and Mrs Bevin, Kate Morgan, Mr P. Freeman, Martin Clarke, Robert Lambley, Mark Drury, Sally Hare, Maxim Costall, Dave Jones, Mark Smith, Keith Horniman, Chris Handley, Peter Armstrong, Mark Scott, Andy Moth, Marcus Hrubesch, David Harrison, Dr David Davies, Jenny Atkinson, Liz Nair, Shirley Woods, Mrs C. Jackson, Mr R. Dunk, Jane and Richard Brighton, Lisa and Richard Lett, David Valerio, Sarah and Stuart Watts, Margaret Mann and Liz Naeem.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Macmillan Cancer Support amount to £850 to date.