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Obit - BOYLE
Obit - BOYLE
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MR Patrick Anthony Boyle, of Wroxall Drive, Grantham, has died at Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He was 66.

He was born in Grantham in July 1945, and was the eldest son of Patrick and the late Sheila Boyle, and brother to Terry, Susan, Sandra and Julie.

In 1967 he married Moira and they had two sons, Anthony and Damon and subsequently four grandchildren, Callum, Ciara, Joseph and Jack.

After leaving school at 15, he joined the railway at Grantham, where he worked as a fireman on steam trains. During this time he fired The Flying Scotsman and The Mallard.

He left the railway and worked at Vacu-Lug for a number of years, then in the building trade, followed by employment with Anglian Water. His last 10 years were spent as a porter at Grantham Hospital.

In his younger days Mr Boyle played football, cricket and tug-of-war for Vacu-Lug. He also loved playing darts and cribbage.

Later on he enjoyed helping to run St Mary’s youth football team. He continued to have an interest in steam trains, a love of music and liked helping his family with different DIY projects.

On retiring he adored his holidays with Moira and with their friends and they loved travelling with their caravan around the UK and France.

Canon Anthony Dolan conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Moira Boyle, Anthony and Amanda Boyle, Callum Boyle, Ciara Boyle, Damon and Karen Boyle, Terry and Jenny Boyle, Susan Morton, Sandra Pope, Julie and Graham Draper, and Michael and Teresa Boyle.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs P. Cole, Graham and Mary Smith, Julie and Paul Haddock, Alan and Beryl Jones, David Dobney, Mr J. Plumber, Phillip Marshall and Alison, Liz Morrison, John Little, Trevor Lee, Mel and Ian Elkington, Colin Everett, Mr and Mrs Eden, Mr and Mrs Field, Mr Richardson, Maxine Charity and Bruce, Mr and Mrs Walton, Frank Boyle, Rob and Sue Bullimore, Tracey Potter, David Nicholls, Julie Hughes, Lorraine Knight, Steve and Sara Kent, Graham and Linda Harrison, Mark and Nick Perry, Ian De’ath, Martin and Sarah Harlock, Terry Short, Mr and Mrs K. Church, Mary and Ted Beard, Vicky Nelmes, Dave Robinson, Mr and Mrs A. Smith, Tony Calpin, Louise Gadd, Mr and Mrs Whomersley, Carolyn Shingler, Dorothy Oxby, Mr and Mrs B. Robinson, Suzanne Pulford, Miss J. Lennox, Claire Evans, Maryness Silla, Julie Berridge, Bridgette Smith, Melanie Papworth, Julia Kirkpatrick, Lawrence Green, Teresa and David Curtis, Craig Pulfrey, Joan Pulfrey, Irene and David Illot, John Aldous, Roy Thomas, Deborah Thomas, Chris Cranfield, Mr and Mrs H. Watson, John Watson, Gary, Nichola, Mark and Bethany Lehair, Peter, Sandra Armstrong, Mrs Slater, Mike and Julie Gilbert, Lynn and Steve Carratt, Sue Gould, Mick Gould, Helen Ladd, Andrew Addison, Dave Calpin, Helena Terrington, Carol Wheatley, Aaron Kingdom, Doreen Walsh, Irene Webb, Dott Capon, Mr A. Bond, Bob Gardiner, Gordon Lloyd, Mr Read, Mr and Mrs Marriott, Mr and Mrs Diggins, Mr Pridding, Alma and John Gibson, Mr and Mrs Tomkin, R. Booth, K. Booth, Maureen Dawson, Mr and Mrs Gedney and Tina Turner, Helen Norville, Mr and Mrs Tateham, Tony Mahoney, Norah Conneely, Mr and Mrs Worth, Mr and Mrs I. Money, Mrs J. Grice, Mr C. Warrener, Mr Bingham, Mr and Mrs B. Pick, Simon Pick, Kevin Shingler, Katy Shingler, Mr and Mrs Gadd, Lesley Oakes, David Bywater, Mr and Mrs Lehair, Mr and Mrs Bedells, Mr and Mrs Fenn, Mr and Mrs Lound, Mrs Bredem, Bob Hall, Neil Frost, Jenny and Jo Frost, Dave and Bridgett Watson, Ann Hollingsworth, Avice and George Kempshell, Sara McGee, John and Zenda Dempster, Vincent Covill, Mary and Melvin Bowden, Betty and Sid North, Mr and Mrs Burton, Mr and Mrs Boyle, Alan and Jan Latter, Mick Scofield, Mr and Mrs Dawson, Stacey Williams, Sophie, Matt and Oliver Stephenson, Mr and Mrs Copestake, Andy McDowell, Caroline Oakes, Alison Strutt, Margaret Kinkaid, Mr and Mrs D. Topham, Helen Topham, Penny Pulfrey, Raymond Moore, Andrew Moore, Steven Moore, Joy Moore, Fiona Danford, Lance Kirk, Sue Storey, Maria Platt, Sally Eldred, Marie Dawson, Hilary Short, Dave Wing, Roy Ingamells, Andrew and Vanessa Edwards, Lorraine Prothero, Stephanie Prothero, Alan and Alice Setchfield, Mrs A. Hodgkin, Carol Blanchard, Rob Secombe, Mr and Mrs D. Wiltshire, Ray Ellis, Mr and Mrs D. Baker, Peter Eaton, Elliott Foster, Gemma Foster, Diane Foster, Margaret Henson, Adrian Dobney, Paul Robson, Neil Green, Dave Moulds, Helen Ladds, Alan and Berni Williamson, Dean Lehair, Darren Lehair, Patrick Lehair, Zac Lehair, Lee Williamson, Simon Cole, Justin Cole, Emma Simpson, Christine Cross, Mr and Mrs R. Money, Jonathan Gibson, Roger Culley, Richard and Janet Crane, Richard Wood, Martin Mahoney, Arthur Curtis, Martin Coy, John Clark, Nick Dolby, Polly Meads, Brian Meads, Terry Tresadern, Maurice Massingham, Roy Vessey, John Michael, Beryl Latter, Roger Latter, Steve Sparks, Sonia Sergant, Lynn Booth, Kay Coupland, Rachel Ryder, Miss Magarvy, Elaine Beaumont, Michelle Holmes, Alan and Pat Pick, Sheila Corrigan, Geoff Paddock, Malcolm and Pat Lehair, Mr and Mrs Unwin, Mr Simons, Bob Jones, Jason and Laura Pearce, Mr Sanders, Andrew and Karen Storey, Mr and Mrs G. Pulfrey, Trevor and Wendy Johnson, Stuart and Julie McKinder, Bryan Glover, Mr Warren, Lisa Morton, Maurice Pope, Mr W. Rastall, Jane Sharpe, Nev Eldred, Mrs Gamester, Mr and Mrs N. Hollingsworth, along with many more friends.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland Funeral Directors, London Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Air Ambulance and Bassetlaw Hospital ITU department amount to £900 to date.