Mr P. B. Endley

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MR Peter Brian Endley (Pop), of Wheatgrass Lane, Caythorpe, has died at home. He was 77.

Born at RAF Cranwell, he was the son of Harry and Hilda Endley. He had two brothers Tony and Keith, who have predeceased him, and one sister Pat.

He was married to Edna for 54 years and has a son Steve, daughter Tracey and grandson Luke.

After leaving Caythorpe School he worked at Currys as an assistant. He completed his National Service in the Royal Air Force and then spent the rest of his working life in engineering at various companies including Newmans, Ruston and Hornsby, Aveling Barford and SELE of Belton.

Mr Endley was involved in sport all of his life, mainly football and cricket. In the 1970s he took over the maintenance of Caythorpe Playing Field, tending to the football and cricket pitches. He was also secretary and treasurer to both clubs for 30 years.

In December 2005 he received the Lincolnshire Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding contribution to the community in the field of sport, from Lincolnshire County Council.

The funeral service was held at St Vincent’s Church, Caythorpe, conducted by the Rev June Freshney. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Edna Endley, Steve Endley, Tracey Endley, Luke Endley, Tony and Barbara Endley, Pat Hackney, Paul Hackney, Neil Hackney, Nick Endley, Trudi Robinson, Rachael Robinson, Rob Endley, Ron Topham, Leslie Higgs, Denis and Jill Topham, Johnathan Topham, Helen Topham, Nora Topham, Derek Elston, Joyce Templeton, Charlie Craft, Roy Allen, Derek Auckland, Bob and Dina Storey and Karen and Sean.

Other mourners included: David and Wendy Nelson, Philip Griffiths, Tim Crosby, Pat Watson, Niall Young, Kevin Kettle, Carol and Bill Blackburn, Brian Hill, John, Hazel and Mark Coulson, Rachel and David Rich, David Key, Mr and Mrs Tebb, Andrea Matabuso-Lowe, Mr and Mrs Gascoigne, Mr and Mrs Norman, Richard Pearson, Graham Gresswell, Irene Dixon, Michael Sharp, Maurice and Linda Appleyard, Elspeth and Ashley Frazer-Darling, Paul Hayward, Paul Johnson, Mick Coulson, Kev Wallace, David Frazer-Darling, Nigel Rickard, John Wright, Sarah Duncan, Alan Snapes, Tim Morris, Norman Knowles, Ms C. Hadlow, Jack Turner, Ken Pollard, Deborah Bates, David Wilson, Carl Balham, Dave Darragh, Joe Braithwaite, Eddy and Jackie Adams, Kate Peacock, Janet and Roy Jex, M. Cox, Barry Boswell, Steve Bedford, Malcolm Turner, Robert Dixon, Kenny Doll, Adam Jackson, Emma Dixon, Leigh Dixon, Adam Miller, Stephen Harris, Darren Ince, Rhyan Leighton, Sharon Evans, Andy Roberts, Mr and Mrs Gilby, David and Moira Cree, Marie Crawford, Mave Streeter, Peter Webber, Dave Charity, Alan Wilcox, Mr and Mrs G. Clare, Dan Short, Matt Duncan, Martin Orley, Ian Clare, Eileen Clare, Dennis Green, Lil Robb, Jean Wines, Joyce Metheringham, Joyce Levesley, Mary Frazer-Darling, Alistair Frazer-Darling, Jean Baxter, Reg Baxter, David Revill, Graham Revill, Chris Dobbie, Ruth Watson, Mike Corby, Jim and Maureen Allen, Vic Heppenstall, Dave Ranshaw, Kev Hack, Dennis Squires, Ivan Roughan, Dennis and Chris Pridmore, Sue Dixon, Jill Shill, Brenda Addlesee, Jeanette Avison, Janice and Bunt Cant, Dave Cox, Marcella Bartholomew, Hayley Magan, Valerie Martin, Gerald Martin, Steve Costell, Margaret Kinkaid, Julie Dixon, Robert J. Sparks, Mark and Paula Ireland, Joyce Dyson, Don Duncan, Dave Porter, Colin Higgs, Mark and Debbie Pinfold, Paul Tupper, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Yvonne Lowe, Bill Lowe, Joanna Dixon, Peter Appleyard, Nipper Leighton, Rikki Leighton, Kev Woollas, Margaret Rickard, Simon Skipworth, Darren Leafe, Chris Bates, Nik Bates, Adam Russell, Tom Lyte, Richard Proctor, Richard Welby, Ian Batchelor, Irene and David Jones, Tony, James and Jack Grocock, Gary Dixon, Jo Watson, Graham Millard, Derrick W. Pollard, Keith Pollard, Steve Fitzgerald, Bernard Allen, W. R. D. Wright, D. Lennon, R. Russell, Viv Camm, Sheila Smith, Andrew Dann, Nick Rossington, Nick Law, Paul and Jane Jackson, Kath Metheringham, Liam Metheringham, Andy Roberts, Mr R. Chantry, Nigel Martin, Sheila Bisset, Theresa Martin, Darren Martin, Colin White, Andy Allen, Mr and Mrs Mawson, Mrs Hammond, Susan Dix and Richard, Jenny Ashbolt, Amy Elliott, Floyd and Diane Watson, Andy Allen, Colin White, Stan Bellaby, Nigel Haslam, Dennis Butters, Nigel and Geoff Gibson, Jonathan Adams, Andrew Robinson, Nick Rossington, Nick Law, J. Costall, R. Wright, Rob Noble, Sheila Bissett, Teresa Martin, Andrew Roberts, Darren Martin, Nigel Martin, Ronan Chantrey, Matthew Adams, Bob Noble, Bruce and Jean Nelson, Gil and Pat Thomas, Denise Lyon, Kate Davidson, Mrs Sabin, Tony and family, Dr and Mrs Frazer-Darling, Mr and Mrs Ballaam, Alan Turner, Ian Maclean, David Wing, Carole Atkinson, Bridgett Wing, John and Eleanore Pilkington, Glyn Jones, Brian and David Fisher, Leisha and John Smith, Carol McNulty, Jack and Jenny Dewey, Nick Binz, Geoff Coxon, Gary Bowen, Andy Beanland, Chris Down, Mick and Jo Russell, Neil Williams, Colleen Hans, Simon Barter, Jeff Foster and Lana Foster.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland Funeral Directors, London Road, Grantham.

Donations for Caythorpe Church, Caythorpe Football Club and Caythorpe Cricket Club amount to £945.20 to date.