Mr P. Brickles

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MR Paul Brickles, known as Alfie, of Leonard Audus House, London Road, Grantham, has died at home. He was 57.

He was born in Grantham, and was raised by his grandmother for a long time.

He sometimes carried out pressure cleaning until becoming a full-time carer for his mother.

Mr Brickles enjoyed taking walks and he always liked to help others. He loved to do gardening and pointing jobs for others.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Canon Christopher Andrews.

Family mourners included: Mrs J. Brickles, Miss K. Brickles, Mr and Mrs Baxter, Mr and Mrs Dickinson, Miss L. Credland and Miss N. Brickles.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs W. Marshall, Miss S. Marshall, Mrs T. Marshall, Mrs S. Atterbury, Miss J. Harris, Mr B. D. Williams, Ms S. Credland, Mrs L. Sale, Miss L. Dickinson, Boo Murphy, Mr R. Woodward, Mrs C. Thompson, Mrs K. Rose, Mr and Mrs Meadows, Mr and Mrs Corcoran, Mrs A. Virden, Mr and mrs M. D. Fisher, Mr A. Cobb, Mr C. Jackson, Mr and Mrs Kennedy, Mrs M. Rattray, Mr S. Warton, Mr and Mrs T. Warton, Mr G. Warton, Mr M. Burkitt, Mr P. Rawlinson, Mrs S. Wilkins, Mrs C. Endacott, Mrs T. Stanhope, Mr R. Westby, Mr A. Pakula, Mr R. Stanhope, Mr S. Baxter and Miss S. Baxter.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.