Mr P. H. Hawkins

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MR Peter Henry Hawkins (Jim), of West Street, Barkston, has died in Nottingham City Hospital. He was 80.

Mr Hawkins was born in West Bromwich in the West Midlands.

In 1958 he married Jill and they have two sons Nick and Tim and four grandchildren, Peter, Lucy, Harry and Millie.

After leaving grammar school he worked in a wages office for a year until joining the Royal Navy in 1949 and completed 17 years’ service. He came to Grantham in 1965 and decided to train as a teacher at the college in Stoke Rochford. He retired from the profession in 1978.

Following a one-year course he then built a house.

Mr Hawkins main priority was his family but he also enjoyed sailing, gardening, reading and music.

The funeral service was held at St Nicholas Church, Barkston, conducted by the Rev Stuart Hadley. Burial followed in Barkston cemetery.

Family mourners included: Jill Hawkins, Nick and Sue Hawkins, Tim and Tracey Hawkins, Peter Hawkins, Lucy Hawkins, Harry Hawkins, Millie Hawkins, Joan and Noel Darby and Gwen Castle.

Other mourners included: Jeremy Reed, Barbara Teague, Daphne and Ted Gray, Mr and Mrs G. Winter, Judy Hadley, Frank and Audrey Ryan, Maryan Nussey, Arthur Drury, Sue Evans, Pam Mumby, Carol Pulford, Nigel Stanley, Marina Bland, Jill and Peter Harden, Janet Baker, Ruth Clegg, Wendy Reed, Brian Reed, Vicky Strawson, Mr and Mrs Roberts, Gwen Eardley, Helen and Simon Bond, Alan Fiddyment, Lynn and Julian Tatum, Sally Williams, Joan Wilkie, Suzie Rankin, Win Paddock, Rita Masters, Liz Woolley, John and Jennie Jackson, The Painter family, Betty Lane, Chris and Janet Everett, Mr Anderson, Mr Bouch, Margaret and Mick Darnell, Jennie Addlesee, Helen Lane, William Lane, Thomas Lane, Joanne Jordan, Nicky Reynolds, Claire Harris, Sue Harris, Sarah Critchley, Mr and Mrs Withington, Mr and Mrs Dixon, Bernard Walker, John and Margaret Elnor, Patricia Wall, Robert Wall, Annette Mays, John Malkin, Rhys Williams, Arthur West, Sue and Neil Hamilton, Tim Mitchell, Diana Mitchell, Emma Harrison, Andrew and Elaine Harrison, Joan Ingamells, Chris and Sue Hilliard, Melanie Stevens, Carol Telford, Mave Streeter, Cdr Andy Lister, Sheila Ancliffe, Sarajane Sheard, Lucy Sheard, Isobel Sheard, Jill Grundy, Georgina Grundy, Pepi Halliday, Carrie James, Andrew Lane, Harriet Lane, Margot Anderson and Joy Bristow.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the RNLI.