Mr R. A. Gleave

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MR Robert Airth Gleave, of St Andrews, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 82.

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1928, the son of Jean and Edward Gleave.

In 1953 he married Betty. They had two children, Marion and Graeme. Betty predeceased him in 1991.

He married Marjorie in 2002.

Mr Gleave worked for Christian Salvesen from 1943 to 1990. His last role was as internal auditor.

Recently his interests included golf and bowls but in his earlier days he enjoyed soccer and badminton, jazz and big band music and ballroom dancing.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Marjorie Gleave, Marion Cooney, Steve Cooney, Graeme Gleave and Michelle, Holly, Ella, and William, Suzanne Shaughnessy and Steve King, Kevin and Liz Shaunghnessy and Jenny and Jon West.

Other mourners included: Harry Blow, Robert Blow, Charles Blow, Eleanor Blow, Paul Screen, Margaret Henson, Nigel Harris, John Morris, Jean Young, D. Atkinson, Ruth Marsh, Beryl Knox, Hazel and Norman Parsons, Ronald Smith, Nicky Dowds, Ben and Anne Milne, Sue Taylor, Tony and Penny Davies, Debra and Tara Miller, Janice Hamilton, John and Jan Bailey, Mr J. M. Goodacre, Peter and

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Dawn Kendall, Pat Royce, Donna Walker, Jane, Robert Blow and children, Jean and Barry Tetley, Anne Sheardown, Liz Swain, Denis and Valerie Power-Neads, Mary Smallwood, Jenny Gerdinier, John and Lucy Carr, Pat and Don Evans, Mr and Mrs Webb, Adam, Allen and Anne Begbie, Francis and David Crockett, Curly Foster, Sue Fieldman, James Fieldman, Trevor and Carol Ireland, Mr Lappage, Mr and Mrs E. Langdon, Lorraine and Don Walker, Carol Steele, Elizabeth Frobisher, Tony and Barbara Robinson, Dot Capon, Brian Bolshaw, Paul and Jackie West, Keith Ball, Joan and Richard Boycott, John and Rita Plummer, Peter Lloyd, Anthea Nicoll, Judith Potter, Roy and Jilly Litchfield, Mr and Mrs Guest, Mr and Mrs Noble, Mr and Mrs Cloney, Jackie Brookes, Mr and Mrs Medd, Harry Green, Denise Morton, Les Brittain, Judy Lloyd, Irene Cogger, Brian Cogger, Patricia O’Dell, Stan and Mary Robinson, Mrs Lucas, Ben Lee, Susan Clark, Joe Franklin, Julie McKinder, Nick and Joan Craft, Gladys Reynolds, Bill Selby, Lady Capton-Alice, Howard Porter, Frank Noon, Margaret Noon, Russell Noon, Christine Noon, Susan Campbell, Barry Campbell, Kate Mitchell, Gwen Tapsell, Rainer Smith, Janet and Alan Jessop, Mr and Mrs Powell, Guy Mitchell, Debbie Buttigieg and Paul Tenner.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Alzheimer’s Society and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.