Mr R. Bradford

Obit - Bradford
Obit - Bradford
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Mr Ron Bradford, of Paddock Close, Wilsford, has died in St Edmunds Nursing Home, Worcester Road, Grantham. He was 85.

Brought up in Welby, he was the son of Percy and Ivy Bradford.

The husband of Rhoda, he has two children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Mr Bradford had worked as head storeman at Cranwell, and he had also been employed as a school caretaker.

For more than 30 years he worked on the parish council.

Mr Bradford adored his garden and it had won him awards for his efforts. He also loved icing cakes, especially when it was for his grandchildren, or a family member.

The Rev Alan Littlewood conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s Chuch, Wilsford. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Rhoda Bradford, Ian and Marilyn Bradford, Sue and Rob Bullimore, Nathan and Jane, David, Claire and Steve, Simon and Steph, Freda Bradford, Barton and Lynda Lancaster, Angela Earith, Juilia Guy, Helen Tomblin and Catherine Parkin.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Barker, Peter Crowther, Mr P. Darby, Barry Gilbert, Jim Cook, Mike Smith, Gill Smith, Alan Musson, Coun Haysun, John Gascoyne, Walter Gascoyne, Pamela Armstrong, Dawn Fuller, Sandra and Robin Moses, Phyllis Townshend, Rosie Smith, Sharon Butcher, Alanya Deighton, Jon Duffy, Julie Hawkins, Kayleigh Robinson, Jim and Sheila Phillips, Janet and Richard Crane, William Gadd, Lynda Hartland, Mr and Mrs Westland, Mrs F. Whitelaw, Mrs K. Whitelaw, Alan Cook, Mr and Mrs Crowther, Mr and Mrs C. Elliott, Mr R. Elliott, Peter Wright, Mick and Jacky Clements, David and Jean Kirk, Joanne Rollinson, Julie Robson, Doris Winter, Samantha Burrows, Sue Cotterill, Eric Yarnell, Mr and Mrs Bembridge, Mrs Hoskin, Mrs Coldron, Ron and Eileen Harris, Mrs S. Hardy, Judith Drury, Barry Ross, Dave Blankley, John and Pauline Duffin, Norman Cook, Roy Morris, Barry Buxton, Justin Whitelaw, John and Barbara Barry, Mr and Mrs Crooks, David and Sue Butler, Joyce Nicholson, Mr Groves, Peter Goodwin, Frances Bembridge, Malcolm Houghton, Peter and Sheila Armstrong, Rose Elliott, Mike and Jenny Harrison, John Kime, Don and Marion Marshman, Claire Robinson, Mr and Mrs Rogers, Mr and Mrs Walton, Stella Lawson, Mark and Christine Holmes, Mr and Mrs Welberry, Mr Welbourne, Mrs E. Ellis, Mr Mosley, Mr and Mrs Addison, Julie Lord, Jamie, Maria Thornley, Mrs Bretton, Simon Morton, Stephen Holmes, Sue Davey, Steve and Ann-Marie Deighton, Andy and Vicky Wright, Jon Bratton, Amanda Parker, Keith Parker, Sally Hollingsworth, John Todd, Sheila McIntyre and Dick, together with others whose names were unable to be taken.

Funeral arrangements were by David Holland Funeral Directors, London Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Wilsford Church and Ancaster Surgery.