Mr R. Green

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MR Raymond Green, of Edward Street, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 75.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Kevin Green, Amanda Green, Thomas Green, Sam Green, Karen and Alan Hurt, Elaine Pulfree, David Pulfree, Rachel Pulfree, Brian Meadows, Jenny Meadows, Lee Meadows, Caroline Henson, Linda Hewson and Deborah George.

Other mourners included: Phil and Audrey Willows, Robert English, Peter Mogridge, Mr R. Phillips, Janet Kell, David Aberneghy, John Woodward, Don Watson, Sandra Brandon, Isobell and Alan Ludwig, Jacqui Merchant, Susan and Robin Orrey, Mr LeHair, Mr Dawson, Pat Boyle, Fred Harris, Terry Kirk, Victor Hughes, Rachel Finn, Mr and Mrs Eales, Susan Tinkler, Linda Davis, Lorraine Taylor, Maureen Taylor, Alf Taylor, Arthur Curtis, Graham Footitt, Michelle Mitchell, Ann and Arthur Bradshaw, Paula and Grant Winter, Susan Flear, Maureen Blakey, Keith Blakey, Sharon Leeson, John Scorrer, Keith Lamyman, Susan Crookes, Graham Singleton, Denis and Wendy Lee, Tony Hollyoak, Marlene and Lionel Embling, Mr Crowther, David Baker, John and Pat Mapletoft, Mr and Mrs Savage, Peter Gibson, John Morris, Sarah Morris, Mr and Mrs B. Roberts, Michael Sharp, Peter Manderfield, George Jennings, Susan Jennings, Frederick Marshall, Lisa Warren, Anthony Woodall, Ken Church, Stuart Marshall, Sandy Marshall, Mandy Taylor, Mr and Mrs Finn, John Phillips, Mr and Mrs R. Toon, Ken Willetts, William David, Michael Collingwood, Pauline Williams, Beryl Allen, Joan and Peter Lindley, Mr Storey, George Buxton, Keith Johnson, Mr and Mrs C. Smith, Les Martin, Frank and Vilma Bachelor, Tony Collingwood, John Wheeler, Pandora Wheeler, Peter Wheeler, Betty Simons, Brian Roberts, Graham Hall, Andrew Parker, Mr and Mrs LeHair, June Church, Derek Church, Lynda Feneley, Louisa Lowe, Clive Leeson, Bill Tilley, John Lax, Frank Evans, John Plummer, Roy Vasey, Eddie and Ann Hannant, Mr F. Wheat, Mrs S. Lewis, Anne and John Cheesman, Edna and Ivan Herbert, Gordon Lloyd, Dawn and June Hewerdine, Bessie Padgett, Doreen and Colin Abbs, Katie Connor, Alan and Elaine Smith, Michael and Janet Toomey, Mike Tempest, John Norris, Elspeth and John Garbett and Lynne Dykes.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.