Mr S. G. Burrows

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MR Stephen Garfield Burrows, of Barrowby, has died in Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. He was 63.

Born in Salford, Lancashire, he was the younger son of Harold and Molly Burrows.

In September 1969 he married Janet and they had two children, Iain and Kathy, followed later by five grandchildren, Theadora, Zachary, Christopher, Christabel and “bump”.

Mr Burrows moved to Leeds in 1973 to begin a career in lecturing and returned to Grantham in 1975 as a lecturer in biology. He retired in 2007.

He enjoyed playing snooker, reading and listening to music. He became editor of St Wulfram’s Church magazine.

Canon Christopher Andrews conducted the funeral service at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham. Burial followed in Barrowby.

Family mourners included: Janet Burrows, Iain and Leo Burrows, Kathy and Tim Dullmann, Theadora, Zachary and Christabel Burrows, Christopher and “bump” Dullmann, David and Hazel Burrows, Paul, Nicola and Rachel Burrows, Claire, Mike, Cameron and Katie Burrows, James and Leah Burrows, Howard Unwin, Joyce Haworth, Keith and Marjorie Burrows, Muriel Burrows, Clive and Grace Burrows, Ingrid and Dietrich Dullmann, Anna O’Hara, Jamie O’Hara and Roxanne.

Other mourners included: June Bennett, Val York, Lynda Basford, Marion and Harry Green, Ron Young, Andrew and Jane Gregory, Angela Shields, Ted and Lesley Bates, Kathleen Hughes, Philip Newton, Mary Baxter, Linda Wale, Alexandra Wale, Juliette Kerry, Ian Stewart, Ron and Elaine Tindale, Christine Andrews, Shirley Hind, Ian Coy, Barbara Teague, Daphne Grey, Helen Raynor, Mr and Mrs J. Watson, Beryl Hutchinson, Mrs KcKernan, Elisabeth and Courtney Finn, Clive and Grace Burrows, Tony Bates, Rob Gregory, James Gregory, Cindy Gregory, Michael and Angela Simms, Mr and Mrs Lingard, Andrew and Lesley Middleton, Tim Gadsby, Kay Gilman, Sandra Stevens, Mr and Mrs Gafner, Mr and Mrs Douglas, Barbara Berry, Wendy Saville, Jane Glasby, Ann Drennan, Andy Anderson, Brian and Linda Greenslade, Mr and Mrs Greaves, Elizabeth Hill, Roy Nelson, Diane Hale, Anita Porter, Belinda Roberts, Margaret Butcher, Alison Fox, John Shennan, Jill Shennan, Steven Griffin, Peter and Linda Griffin, Shaun Power, Diana Power, Brian and Susan Stagg, Geoff Robotham, Ruth King, Philip Lank, Bob Jeffries, John and Liz Kendal, Gerry Short, Nick Grimwood, Brian Buttery, Dr Terry Jones, Diane Smith, James Meenaghan, Janet Meenaghan, Charlotte Davidson, Bernadette Wray, Mary Peeling, Carl Viles, Jim and Lynn Ferguson, Sheila Marsh, Michael and Ian Marsh, Betty Elmer, Sue and Tim Redmile, Anne Laxton, Muriel Burrows, Mr Valerio, Sue Valerio, Jane Busby, Ann Hopkinson, Ann O’Riordan, Carol Dyer, Avey Kerry, Nicholas Kerry, Mr and Mrs G. Dewey, Cherry Dewey, Roger York, Tom Brooks, Frank and Vilma Bachelor, Bernice Owen, Ray and Penny Beasley, Beryl Hutchinson, Alf and Lynn Carr, Tim Williams, David Ridgers, David and Judith Kay, John and Val Gurney, Mrs Tiernan, Mrs B. Lindfield, Hilary Burton, Erica South, Tracey Hall, Julie Doughty, Kevin and Linda Parker, Susan Cooper, Deirdre King, Roy and Sue Coleman, Linda Mitchell, Joyce Lambert, Mike Casswell, Mrs A. Browne, John Arthur, Heather Arthur, Callum Arthur, Muriel Holdham, John McMath, Brian and Margaret Mullan, Elizabeth Pearson, Gill and Malcolm Saville, Joyce Simpson, Clare Arthur, Robin Oliver-Tasker, Jill Philips, Anne and Alan Tomlinson, Jane Sharpe, Mr and Mrs Mason, Janice Webb, David and Ursula Brown, Ian and Carole Wing, Carol Short, Mary Ann Round, Fiona Twilley, Delia Hearmon, John Douglas, Caroline Watson, Jim Caulfield, Debbie Chappell, Bob Jeffreys, Bertie Fernyhough, Mrs J. Green, Willie Mills, Liz Husemeyer, Roy Husemeyer, Ian Mitchell, Ken Attwood, Derek Jackson, Debi Wood, Anne Jablonski and Shirley Colson.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for St Wulfram’s Church and Save the Children Fund amount to £1,213 to date.