Mr S. P. Pearce

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MR Stuart Philip Pearce, of Arnoldfield Court, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. He was 80.

Born in Barrowby, in November 1931, he was the eldest son of Bob and Elsie Pearce, and brother to Roger.

In March 1958 he married Rita and their daughter Susan was born in October 1966.

Mr Pearce was an apprentice bricklayer with Fosters, until completing his National Service in the Royal Air Force in the UK and Egypt. He then continued in the building trade until 1974, when he became building maintenance engineer for East Midlands Electricity, where he remained until his retirement in October 1994.

Mr Pearce enjoyed walking his dogs, visiting the theatre, drinking real ale and eating out with his family and friends. He also liked taking cruise holidays and listening to jazz and big band music.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by Robert Holland.

Family mourners included: Rita Pearce, Susan Drulia, Paul Drulia, Roger Pearce, Elizabeth Harris, Keith Harris, Lucy Harris, Edward Harris and Sally Nash.

Other mourners included: Stephen and Suzanne Gamble, Mr and Mrs Ebb, Cliff Paulson, Carol and Richard Bradley, Christine Charity, Rachel Sheppard, Vanessa Sheppard, Debbie Hall, Betty Phillips, Susan Christian, Annette Goodwin, Peter Clark, Joan Clark, James Deans, Cheryl Deans, Mr and Mrs C. Day, Mr and Mrs T. Dolby, Simon Nicholson, Brian Sculthorpe, Kathy Cox, John Cox, Jenna Stinson, Gill Winfield, Nobby Clark, Mrs Peel, Jeffrey Nash, Shirley Bond, Mavis French, John and Jean Gamble, Mick and Joyce Harrison, Brian and Ellen Sheppard, Sally Nash, Anne Clarke, Joan and Jim Heardman, Sian Duval, Fred Slater, Ian Franklin, Mr and Mrs Spencer, Norman Harris, Elizabeth Drulia, Audrey Taylor, and Sandra Jackson.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Alzheimer’s Society.