Mr T. J. McGrane

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MR Thomas John McGrane, of Campbell Close, Grantham, has died in Newton House Nursing Home, Grantham. He was 73.

He was born in Rathkeale, County Limerick, Eire, the eldest son of Jane and Jimmy McGrane. He was brother to Jim, John, Pat, Maura and Una.

Mr McGrane worked as a ground operative with British Airways for 36 years and had towed Concorde and jumbo jets.

He was interested in motorcycle racing with the Bemsee Racing Club.

Fr Anthony Dolan conducted the funeral service at St John’s Church, Manthorpe. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Olive McGrane, Denise and Tom Nicholas, Sam and Tiffany Nicholas, Robert Nicholas, Sophia Nicholas, Daniel Jones, Victoria Nicholas-Barry, Nathan Nicholas-Barry, Francesca Nicholas, John and Linda McGrane, Christopher McGrane, Eban McGrane, Pat and Rosaleen McGrane, Roisin and Tom McGrane, Una Brookes, Morven Brookes, Martin Brookes, Blair Brookes, Daniel Brookes, Steve and Shona Russell, Jim and Audrey McGrane, Sharon Patel, Maura Smith, David Smith, Una and Michael Scanlan, Eban Scanlan, Kathleen and Nan Green, Sarah Green, Andrew Jarlett-Green, Stephen Green, Peter and Janice Jarlett, Nicola Morwood, Ashley Morwood, John Tunnell and Louise Tunnell.

Other mourners included: Ken Brown, Maureen Baxter, Jeff Matthews, Mike Dommett, Tracie Ringrow, John Wilson, Sylvia and Ken Ringrow, Ray and Linda Smith, Mr and Mrs Thacker, Rosie Harrison, Julie Manning, Tony McBride, Melissa Clark, Laura Clark, Mike and Daphne Warrington, Mary Broome, Karl French, Leon French, Audrey and Phil Willows, Mr and Mrs Barry, Mark and Karen Sabine, Chris Tandy, Steve and Jennie Carter, Suzanne Henson-Perry, Charlie Perry, Joni Nicholas and Georgia Nicholas.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Newton House Nursing Home.