Mr T. K. Payne

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MR Timothy Kenneth Payne, of Westerdale Road, Grantham, has died in Grantham. He was 67.

Born in March, Cambridgeshire to Ken and Irene Payne, he was the younger brother of Judith.

He married Judy in 1971 and had two children, Nick and Lynsey. Two grandchildren, Olivia and Ryan, followed.

Mr Payne worked for the Inland Revenue for over 40 years in various offices around the country.

He was a member and one time chair of the Independent Monitoring Board of Stocken Prison. Mr Payne was also treasurer of St John’s Church in Manthorpe for 30 years.

He was a keen supporter of Nottingham Forest Football Club.

The Rev Jill Potts and Canon Christopher Andrews conducted the funeral service at St John’s Church, Manthorpe, followed by cremation in Grantham and interment in Manthorpe churchyard.

Family mourners included: Judy Payne, Nick Payne, Lynsey Crowther, Louise Payne, Iain Crowther, Ryan McDonnell, Judith Emmerson, Derek Emmerson, Kevin Emmerson, Lilley Emmerson, Sheila Tuckwell, June Butler, Caroline Collins, Kevin Collins, Anthony Payne and Patricia Payne.

Other mourners included: Jean Doubleday, Nan Hardy, Babette Hay, Margaret Swann, Gerry Kirwan, James and Chris Kinsella, the Rev John Cook and Mrs Margaret Cook, David Crowther, Richard Crowther, John Crowther, Vera Quick, Brian Gordon, Pam Wilkinson, Julie Mackinder, Mary Hoyle, Mick Isswick, Canon Ian Shelton, David Dickinson, Robin Hall, Brenda Snowball, John and Jane Morrissey, John and Margaret McRae, Patricia Temple Fielder, Maureen and Julia Brown, Sue and Alec Marshall, Keith Phillips, Sue Hullott, Trevor Hall and Sharon Baker, Pamela Allcock, Elaine Allcock, Brian and Margaret Saunders, Ray Storey, Richard Surfleet, Paul and Goe Defusto, Vivien Brown, Godfrey Brown, Mr Lloyd, Pauline Mackay, Bob Taylor, John Brown, William Payne, Neil and Do Clark, Jill and Steve Potts, Sheila Holland, Ruth Whitehouse, Mr and Mrs Booles, Patricia and Richard Shipley, John and Carol Dobney, Mrs D Grundy, Mrs T Golding, Diane Porter, Simon Syddall, Andrew Selby, Canon Chris Andrews, Nigel McDermott, Mary and Alan Cooper, Elizabeth and Malcolm Bulpitt, Linda Eastland, Colin Timms, Margaret Dunk, Ivy Baker, Linda and Bruce Allen, Mr and Mrs J Dawson (Nottingham Forest Football Supporters’ Club), Rosemary Caunt, Tim Hall, Carole Pigott, Peter and Marie Harris, Brian Jacklin, Ken Rogers, Denis and Shandy Hernaman, Yvonne Hamlyn, Mr Duggan, Nora Bryan, Canon Bob Bailey, the Rev John and Christine Bruce, Jean Alvey, Sally Hawkins, Lyn McDermott, Liza Grenfell, Bruce Ashwell, Twiggy, Jacky and Ian Smith, Cynthia and David Dobney, Mel and Jan Elkington, David Valerio, Valerie Coats, Kate Storey, Margaret Swatton and Lawrence Willetts.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland Funeral Directors, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations in excess of £700 were received for St. John’s Church and the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.