Mr W. E. Gregory

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MR Walter Edbrooke Gregory (Wally), has died in St Edmunds Nursing Home, Grantham. He was 80.

Born in January 1932, he was the eldest child of Charles and Edith Gregory. The family lived in Grantham and he had four sisters, Pauline, Hazel, Shirley and Angela.

In 1934 the family moved to Redmile, where Mr Gregory enjoyed being in the countryside, going for walks with his siters and keeping pigeons. He also played football for Redmile.

At the age of 14 he began his apprenticeship at Aveling Barford, Grantham, until at the age of 21, he was called-up to complete his National Service, which he did in Korea and Japan. Later he returned to work at Aveling Barford.

He met and married Jean when he was 25 and they first lived with her parents in North Crescent, before moving to Chapel Street, where their son Martin was born. The family then moved to Granby Drive, where Andrew, Brian, Nigel and Kevin were born.

The family enjoyed camping holidays, travelling by motorbike and side car.

Mr Gregory helped to build the adventure playground. He enjoyed dominoes, darts, bowling and going to Cadwell Park races. He also liked dancing and family parties. Mr Gregory was a member of the Community Centre Council. He also liked spending time with his grandchildren, Katy, Sam, Ryan, Chris and Charlie.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 13 years ago and had remained at home, cared for by Jean and his family, until a month ago.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Bottesford, conducted by Judith Wells. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Jean Gregory, Martin, June, Katy and Ryan, Andrew, Julie, Sam and Chris, Brian, Nigel and Kevin, Doug, Hazel, Andrea, Paul and Irena, Tony, Shirley, George, Pat, Tony, Ken, Ellen, Jeff, Ray, Gail, Angela, Teresa, Stephen, Aidan, Amelia, and Shirley Kenny.

Other mourners included: Jeanne and Neil Coleman, Calvin Gregory, Harry Gregory, Chris and Teresa Gregory, Frank and Janet Kyle, Alan Reed, Paul and Sylvia Adlington, Ian and Janet Harra, Brenda Cooper, Pete and Jill Norton, Lorraine Wright (Adlington) and family, Bella Doherty, Nicola Moxham, Margaret and Brian Metcalfe, Nadia Andrews, Chris Andrews, Paul Wilmot, Marie Wilmot, John Walker, Brian and Yolande Honey, Ian and Joan Norris, Samantha White, David and Julia Bilton, Peter and Peggy Topps, Irene Chantry, Barbara Broome, Derek Fazackerley, Helen Fazackerley, Carol and Des Musson, Shirley and Stephen Coy, Godfrey Sutton, Len and Bet Hamer, Peter Murphy,, Tom and Eva Keegan, Yvonne Box, Margaret Waudby, Ada Nicholson, Mrs T. Clark, Pete Wilson, Jean Martin and Mr I. Rogers, Lucy Hackett, Helen Duffy, Mr and Mrs N. Sloper, P. Nicholas, Chris and Nicola Farmer, Lester and Sue, Mark and Yvonne Brook, Vic Winters, John Daybell, Jill and Neville Bagnall, Mary Taylor, Peter and Elaine Holmes, Geoff and Jackie Doubleday, Glenys and Melvin Claricoats, R. Mills, Kathleen Fisher, Mr and Mrs J. Reek, Valerie Marriott, Lyn Reason, Tess GIbson, Stephen Morda, Gladys Marston, Jean Hopkins, Trevor Coy, Richard Leverett, Peter and Anne Kevan, Ann Moulsher, Margaret and Andy SMith, Margaret Pacey, Noel Carolan, Teresa Musson, Diane Musson, Jean and Arthur Gamble and John Topps.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for Parkinson’s UK amount to £444.57 to date.