Mr W. L. Rumsey

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Mr Wilfred Lewis Rumsey (Wilf), of Brick Kiln Place, Grantham, has died in Newton House Nursing Home. He was 89.

He was born in Murrow, Cambridgeshire, the first son of Reg and Eva Rumsey and one of five brothers and three sisters. He is survived by one sister and two brothers.

He met Win in 1942 when she was in the LAnd Army stationed at Sutton Bridge. He was a Home Guard during the war. They married in Halifax in 1944 and had two daughters Gillian and Brenda.

Mr Rumsey was educated at Sutton St Edmunds School and he left at the age of 14 to begin work on a farm in Sutton St Edmunds, where he was taught how to plough with horses. He then worked on several farms and in 1954 became farm foreman for W. H. Brownlow and Son at Casthorpe, near Barrowby, where he remained for 32 years until his retirement.

His great passion was driving his car and being with his family. He had five grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson.

Mr Rumsey retired to Barrowby, where he enjoyed working on his allotments. During his retirement he enjoyed part-time gardening work and driving.

In 1992 he moved to Grantham and used his time organising events for Belton Avenue Community Centre. He and his wife also did voluntary work for the British Red Cross and Grantham Stroke Club.

The Rev Peter Hopkins conducted the funeral service at All Saints Church, Barrowby. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Win Rumsey, Gill and Cliff Jones, Brenda and John Clayton, Debbie and Richard Holland, Matthew Holland and Sherri Allison, Christopher Holland, Benjamin Holland, Dion Jones, Nichola and Steven Mason, Harry Mason, Nathan and Maria Clayton, Joshua Clayton, Jasmine Clayton, Claire Jones and Kevin Clark, Doll Barton, Pete and Sylvia Rumsey, Ray Rumsey, Kevin Rumsey, Wendy Asquith, Connie Rumsey, Roger Rumsey, Anita and Marshall Cooper and Robert Cooper.

Other mourners included: Bill and Shirley Jones, Mr D. M. Holland and Flo, SHeila Brownlow, Margaret Anne Barber, Pauline Brownlow, Elizabeth Brownlow, Mr and Mrs R. Ferens, Mrs M. masters, Sonia Elstone, Mrs E. Sumersby, Betty Cobb, Thelma and Debbie Newman, Mr and Mrs J. Sidnell, Ian and Linda Clayton, Colin and Nina Clayton, Beryl Hutchinson, Marilyn Smith, Jean Goddard, Peter Knapp, Linda Thorpe, Mr A. Sharpe, Geoff and Audrey Middleditch, Tony Winfield, Christine Wright, Marilyn Edwards, Carol Reed, Rhona Repton, Jim and Ada Parker, Emily Dickinson, Lisa Waters, Jack Almond, Mary Necklen, Mr H. Hind, Mrs Rider, Clive and Trish Mickelfield, Lisa Newton, Gloria Topps and Emma Harrington.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for the British Red Cross and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance amount to £305.12 to date.