Mrs A. E. Wright

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MRS Annie Emmie Wright, of Castlegate rest home, has died at Grantham Hospital. She was 88.

Born in Grantham, she was a wartime bride married to the late Frank Ward. The couple had two daughters, Joan Lincoln and the late Tricia Farmer. Her Second marriage was to the late Fred Chambers.

During the War years she worked for BMARC. She then worked as a cook at Central Kitchen for school meals, and then worked at BMARC until retirement.

As a young girl she helped the Salvation Army. She was a founding member of Harrowby Lane Methodist Church, and also started the Harrowby Lane Friendship Club, which is still functioning.

The funeral was held at Harrowby Lane Methodist Church, conducted by Reverend D. Bullos. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners were: Joan and Michael Lincoln, Samantha and Dave Squires, Aimee, Ben and Kirsten Squires, Christophera and Hayley Toon, Mary Whittaker, Eric Whittaker, Janet and Alan Brewer, Maureen Wright, Billy Ward, Peter Ward, Janet Cooper, Barry Coldron, Michael and Linda Chambers, Wendy King, Malcolm Chambers, Derek Lincoln and Joyce Renny.

Other mourners included: Rose and George O’Connor, Ruby Stucky, Arthur and Jane Harley, Bernard Walker, Mary Necklen, Greta Stratford, Nancy and Derek Clutterbuck, June and Barry Le-Hair, Joan Lea, Clare Annan, Anne Clarkson, Veronica Slater, Janet Isherwood, David and Madeleine Dawson, Clare Mountford, Sheila and Robert Mitchell, Sally Anthony, Rev. Jill Potts, Ros and Steven Yates, Pat Whyte, Joy Scoffield, Judith Gardener, Mr and Mrs D. Peatman, Jean Wordsworth, Mike and Sheila Warden, Lalitha Chambers, Christopher Chambers, Mr and Mrs John Watson, Edna Tinkler, Pat Howard, Neville Corbett, Douglas Robinson, Alan Robinson, Wendy Glover, Mr and Mrs Brian Jacklin, Muriel Cooper, Chris Edwards, Steve Hopkins, Patricia Taylor and Mrs P. Drewitt.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations were for Cancer Research UK and amount to £250 to date.