Mrs A. G. Williams

Obit: Ann Gail Williams
Obit: Ann Gail Williams
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MRS Anne Gail Williams, of Redmile, has died at home. She was 66.

Born in County Durham, she moved to Grantham when she was 12.

In 1965 she married Patrick Williams and they had three children and 10 grandchildren.

Her working life began in the drawing office at Aveling Barford. Throughout her busy life she had numerous jobs, but her main love was nursing. She cared for the mentally handicapped at Harrow Street in Grantham; at Sileby, near Leicester and at BNA, Grantham. Her final job was caring for the people in the community with the Belvoir Vale Nursing team. Mrs Williams was also a First Responder.

She studied psychology and counselling at Leicester University and was qualified at aromatherapy, massage and reflexology.

She loved art and music, was a gifted painter in oils, played the piano and went to ballet school as a young girl.

Mrs Williams loved nature and enjoyed walking in the hills and along coastal paths.

The funeral service was held at St Peter’s Church, Redmile, conducted by Judith Wells. Burial followed at Woolsthorpe-by-Belvoir churchyard.

Family mourners included: Patrick Williams, Sean, Clare, Laura, Georgia, Olivia, Dylan and Eva Williams, Paul, Julia, Oliver, Lewis, Joel and Nancy Williams, Melanie, Andy and Lois Beacroft.

Other mourners included: Helen Williams, John Williams and Linda, Mike and Jane Williams, Anne Williams Braund, Carole Williams, Tony Topliss, Julie Hopkins, Amanda Rogers, Bell Anderson, Diane Hillram, James Prendeville, Mr J. Prendeville, Ray Bolland, Peter Nichols, Tanya Mackley, Ruth Cooper, Gilbert Ward, Susan Ward, Mr and Mrs D. Walden, Jeanie Holland, Jacqueline Bailey, Nicky Need, M. Davis, John and Mal Saggers, Andrew and Sally Morley, Will and Sharon Laywood, Billie O’Malley and Harriet Rayson, Debbie and Andrew Richardson, Julie Davis, Keith and Tracey Neville, Mary Smith, Bernard and Carole Hawes, Emma Start and Ben Copestake, Mary Morley, Margaret Harmon, Maurice Roeves, Rosemary Staveley, Robert and Monica Thorpe, Chris Thorpe, Alison Robinson, Margaret Reynolds, Roy Barnes, Brian Coaten, Rosemary Coaten, Ann and Neal Fenn, Pauline Austin, Paul Kuzio, Sally Sharp, B. Baxter, Marjorie Need, Murray and Annette Barton, Kenneth Oakes, Kirsten Hughes and Tony Evans.

Funeral arrangements were by William Roberts and Sons, Devon Lane, Bottesford.

Donations for St Barnabas Grantham Hospice amount to £314.26 to date.