Mrs A. H. Atter

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MRS Ann Hilary Atter, of Main Street, Ingoldsby, has died in Peterborough City Hospital. She was 71.

Born in Welby, near Grantham, she had two brothers and two sisters and was the youngest sibling.

In 1965 she married Eric Atter in Welby.

She leaves her husband Eric, children David, Denise and Richard and grandson Robert.

Mrs Atter worked for the East Midlands Electricity Board until starting her family in 1969. She then worked as the secretary at Ingoldsby Primary School, where she remained for 21 years until her retirement in 2000.

Her interests were knitting, thimble collecting, stamp collecting, reading and listening to the music of Daniel O’Donnell.

The funeral service was held in St Bartholomew’s Church, Ingoldsby, conducted by the Rev Mike Notley. Burial followed in Ingoldsby cemetery.

Family mourners included: Eric Atter, David Atter and Sue, Denise Atter and Gary Powell, Richard and Sharon Atter, Robert Atter, Freda Bradford, Norman Cook and Alan Cook.

Other mourners included: Bernard Clare, Mavis Atter, Fred and Jen Atter, Den Atter and Ann, Tony Atter, Pauline and Colin Stephens, David Roberts, Celia Adcock, Mr and Mrs Spencer, Alan Hood, Colin and Ann Clayton, Ron Yates, Kathryn Carter, Chris Sibthorpe, John and Margaret Cragg, Ken and Kitty Bullock, Angela Earith, Charles and Linda Lancaster, Betty and Les Hodson, Ray Wilson, Paul Collingwood, Paul Schofield, Matthew Clegg, Peter Ward, Mr and Mrs Barnes, Mr Hempsall, George and Jean Meads, Andrew Smith, Mr and Mrs J. Welford, Melanie Brickles, Helen Tomblin, Catherine Parkin, Julia Guy, Paul, Angela and Vanessa Featherstone, Susan Dobney, Carol Reah, John and Paulette Garrill, Neil Atter, Amanda Dixon, Paul Coffey, Mrs H. Sharpe, Martin and Jane Atkin, Jack, Mr J. Taylor Snr, Mr J. Taylor Jnr, Susan Hodgson, Mike and Rowena Ward-Barrow, Yvonne Dixon, Jane Sharpe, David Evans, Joyce and Brian Neave, Edna and John Exton, Jane and Ted Creasey, Keith, Angela and Stacie Eldred, Steve Musgrove, Valerie and Tony Brombridge, Simon Nicholson, Janet and Ian Nicholson, Katherine Johnson, Ken Walker, Peter and Katherine Johnson, Keith Barnes, Ian, Richard and Jo Gross, Andrew, Daniel and Liz Baker, Mr D. Blackwell, Mrs S. Brickles, Iris Morton, Pete Wilson, Bobby Elvin, Linda and Matthew Sharpe, Andrew and Julie Cooper, R. D. Hughes, Pauline Dorey, Lionel and Shirley Baker, Gwen Atkin, Marion Scott, Brian and Janice Green, Jane and Phillip Cartwright, David Cartwright, Mr and Mrs Cartwright, David Robinson, Tony and Valerie Brombridge, Des and Carol Bland, Dave Lee, Les Perrin, Karen Blackwell, Beryl Simpson and Paul Moscrop.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Diabetes UK and the Market Cross Surgery, Corby Glen, amount to £358.81 to date.